Treasure Trove Thursday – Telephone Directories, Confessions, and more.

For Alphabe Thursday‘s letter of the week – ‘N’ as well as Theme Thursday‘s prompt – Confessions, as well as for dVerse‘s Meeting the Bar: Graffiti Poetry, here is ‘Never Say Never’
Here is graffiti created for it using Graffiti Creator  – this is cool!!

Never Say Never
Often heard but have I ever
Given a thought
To what it really says
Have I ever said never?
I did recall, an eon ago
Saying I will never ever
Cut my waist length hair
And now here I am
With a head full of hair
That ends at my neck!
Yes, I do have many more
Such confessions to make
Where I said never,
maybe even meant it
but never is a strong word
Never never stays true
And that is true forever!
I have said never many a time
And now I know better
That I should never say never!
(well! I am going to say it here..
But will I really never say never?
Nah! I know myself better!)
Trivia that got added to my treasure trove today courtesy Bing – today the Telephone Directory celebrates it’s 135th birthday. The first telephone directory was so unlike its bulky descendant of today which is almost obsolete as well. I am glad for one will be glad to say goodbye to that book that seems to find its way to our doorsteps without fail each year (though we said no somewhere, I believe). 
On February 21, 1878, the first telephone directory made its appearance in New Haven, Connecticut – a simple cardboard piece listing local businesses – fifty in all. Oh, for those simple days when we had so few choices. Today’s directories are so far removed from this piece of cardboard that people manage to enter the Guinness Book of World Records for tearing apart today’s telephone directory (no kidding!)

And one more confession to make, I have one more entry for dVerse, this time with a collage of photos of  street art/graffiti that my dad took a few years ago during his trip to Brazil.

Expressions of jubilation,
entreaties and confessions
All crowded the street walls
A cacophony of colors, it would seem
But in all these clashes
of expressions and colors
Harmony, Beauty, 
More like the majesty
of a murmuration

9 thoughts on “Treasure Trove Thursday – Telephone Directories, Confessions, and more.

  1. I think it was years ago that I learned to never say never because one never seems to keep to what one never says they will never do. I think Sean Connery who played James Bond found out that one never says never. I think that was the first time I really ever thought much about it.

    Thanks for sharing such a nice poem and beautiful pictures with this weeks Theme Thursday. May your weekend be directory free and full of beautiful pictures and family.

    God bless.

  2. Once I said, 'Never say never'…

    …which is when everything fell apart.


    I loved your writing and your illustration.

    Really a nifty link to the letter 'N'.

    Thanks for sharing it.


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