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Sunday Scribblings #144: Unfounded Fears in a Book Lover’s Mind

So April 23rd is a literary celebration in so many ways; it observes World Book Day and World Book Night, and is also International English Language Day! And a recent conversation with my son about spoilers brought to mind fears book lovers can have. So today’s poetic Sunday is what the blog post title says: Unfounded Fears in a Book Lover’s Mind

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Notepad and a pen over it with a cup of coffee next to it. words read Sunday Scribblings, and this is for Sunday Scribblings #144: Unfounded Fears in a Book Lover's Mind

Poetic Sundays: Unfounded Fears in a Book Lover’s Mind

Years ago, as a young girl, I lived in a colony in the middle-of-nowhere (or so it seemed to me). And I frequented the library there (both at my school and the local library for the community) with regularity! Our school library used to stay open during the summers and that was a joy for me when we ended up having a staycation rather that visiting grandparents, uncles, aunts, and myriad other relatives. I walked to the library each day to pick a new book to read, and really did hide books sometimes (i know, i know).. even though I knew that the chances of someone else wanting that book was rare…

Day 23 Prompts in my ‘Unfounded Fears in a Book Lover’s Mind’

NaPoWriMo’s Day 23 Prompt: Start off by reading Arvind Krishna Mehrotra’s “Lockdown Garden.” Now, try to write a poem of your own that has multiple numbered sections. Attempt to have each section be in dialogue with the others, like a song where a different person sings each verse, giving a different point of view. Set the poem in a specific place that you used to spend a lot of time in, but don’t spend time in anymore.

April PAD Day 23 Prompt at Writer’s Digest: For today’s prompt, write a fear poem. The poem could be about a fear you have or a fear of someone else. Maybe you feel the fear; maybe you cause someone else to have the fear. And there are different levels of fears, like the fear of missing out on the last piece of piece or the fear of dying.


On My Blog & at Home

My recent posts since and including my last Sunday Scribblings. Each letter of the alphabet features a poetic form for the letter as well as one or more books (poetry related).

It was spring break week for my high-schooler, so we shifted residences for this week to my college-going son’s neighborhood. My DH had work, and my son busy with classes, but we wanted to spend the free time in between as a family, so we found ourselves a wonderful Airbnb in the charming town of Arroyo Grande (about 15 minutes drive from CalPoly). And we did a bit of touristing/traveling too – saw one of the superblooms at Shell Creek in Santa Margarita; watched the elephant seals roll around (or well, just staying there) in the sand at Elephant Seal Viewing area near San Simeon; and some more stuff!


On My Blog & Homefront

Down to the final stretch of April’s month-long challenges this week, and I have a couple of confounding letters here, of course.. but let me see if I can line something up with some creativity (if all else fails)!

This Week’s Celebrations

Literary Celebrations (close-to-it also!)

  • Literary birthdays this week of April include: Sue Grafton and Robert Penn Warren on the 24th; James Fenton on 25th; Lisa Unger 26th; August Wilson, Cecil Day Lewis, Mary Wollstonecraft 27th; Harper Lee and Terry Pratchett 28th; William Randolph Hearst, Yusef Komunyakaa, and Bharathidasan on the 29th; Annie Dillard 30th
  • The 27th is National Tell a Story Day
  • National Great Poetry Reading Day is on the 28th
  • It is National Poem In Your Pocket Day on April 29th(Changes Annually)

Foodie Celebrations

Other Celebrations

Wrapping Up My Sunday Scribblings

Linking up to NaPoWriMo, and the Ultimate Blog Challenge. Also linking this to the Sunday Post over at the Caffeinated Reviewer and the Sunday Salon

image of a stack of books and words surrounding it. Pin title says: Poetic Sundays: Unfounded fears in a book lover's mind

16 thoughts on “Sunday Scribblings #144: Unfounded Fears in a Book Lover’s Mind

  1. I love the idea to celebrate books! I love reading and these holidays are the best excuse to remind about some good books!

  2. Your Sunday Scribblings post on Unfounded Fears in a Book Lover’s Mind was fantastic! Your writing style is engaging and relatable, and you did a great job of capturing the anxieties and worries that many book lovers experience. I loved how you incorporated personal anecdotes to illustrate your points. Keep up the great work!

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