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When You Didn’t See that Coming

Life has an uncanny ability to throw unexpected curveballs our way, catching us off guard and leaving us kind of unprepared, at least for a bit. Which is why we might end up saying, “I didn’t see that coming.”

Whether it’s a shift in our relationships, an unforeseen career change, or a sudden twist of events in the world around us, these moments can be both exhilarating and daunting. Then again, the expected does not happen at all, or it does happen after all, and we are still unprepared for it for some reason or the other.

Today, I explore this concept in a few different ways, some fun, others reflective, and yet others, simply because!

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Didn’t See That Coming for Sure!

This was a cool little whirlpool we chanced upon on our stroll through Snake Valley Visitor Center in the Everglades National Park. Definitely were not expecting to see something like this…

And this video goes towards Six Word Saturday! Have you seen something like this? Do you know why it happens? I am trying to find out more on it. So far, the most I could find out what it is caused by culverts underneath but if you know about this, do share the science behind it. I would love to understand.

When You Didn’t See that Coming: The Thing You’re Not Looking For

Didn’t See that Coming —> Well, That was Unexpected —> The Unexpected Thing —> The Expectation Effect —> Great Expectations —> Pippa Park Raises Her Game —> How to Find What You’re Not Looking For —> Didn’t See that Coming

As suggested for this month’s Six Degrees chain, I am starting with the book that ended my last #6degrees chain – Didn’t See that Coming by Jesse Q Sutanto. And expect the expected and the unexpected this time around!

The Pairs

Didn’t See that Coming —> Well, That was Unexpected

The link: the author

Well, That was Unexpected —> An Unexpected Thing

The link: The “unexpected” stuff!

An Unexpected Thing by Ashling Lindsay is beautiful – in both its narrative and illustrations. A great book to help kids deal with anxiety and fears. I realized today that I never reviewed this book before though I meant to (only a brief mention in an earlier post here). It is unexpectedly (well, not really unexpectedly) sweet and powerful and helpful.

An Unexpected Thing —> The Expectation Effect

The link: an unexpected expectation!

David Robson’s The Expectation Effect is a cool current read! As the title says, it is about the effect of expectations. Believe and it shall be so… A powerful read so far, and one I know I will return to again as well as recommend to others.

The Expectation Effect —> Great Expectations

The link: expectations, expectations!

Charles Dickens’ Great Expectations does not really need an introduction or description. I first read this book ages ago and Pip along with so many of the other characters definitely made an impression for life. If you want to try to read this one but hesitating to read the original, then feel free to check out the illustrated versions. I especially loved the Manga Classics version of Great Expectations (and love the other books in this series as well) and Jack Noel’s doodly version of Great Expectations and other books!!

Great Expectations —> Pippa Park Raises Her Game

The link: Great Expectations all over again, in a new package!

Like with other beloved classics, Dickens has inspired other authors to rewrite some of his works. And Erin Yun’s Pippa Park is one such book, inspired by – of course, Great Expectations. I read it sometime ago, loved it, but never reviewed it.

Yet another of those ‘missed-reviewing’ books. This year, I will catch up on that list! Great expectations indeed!!

Pippa Park Raises Her Game —> How to Find What You’re Not Looking For

The link: familial expectations and family and finding yourself

Veera Hiranandani’s How to Find What You’re Not Looking For catches your attention right from the get-go, from that title itself! Just like the title, the book is sure to make you pause, think, and ponder on stuff. Another current read that I will review in the coming weeks. Already know I will be highly recommending this one as well.

How to Find What You’re Not Looking For —> Didn’t See that Coming

The link: unexpected things in life..

Closing the circle again!

5 Ways to Deal When You Didn’t See That Coming

When life hands you those curveballs, here are 5 ways to deal with them:

Unexpected Does Not Mean Unprepared

Take a deep breath and calm yourself down. Think about the fact that you are mainly, actually surprised, caught off guard, didn’t expect whatever it was that you didn’t see coming. But it does not mean you are unprepared or not ready for it. For you are resourceful, and you have gotten through things before. You can do it again! Find those hidden sources of strength within you

Let it Go!

Yes, I am using the title of that song you heard way too many times during your kids’ Frozen phase but we do need to let it go. That unexpected thing that happened – it is ok.

Accept the reality of the situation and don’t blame yourself or others. Sometimes, things are out of our control and we can’t change them. Instead of dwelling on the past or the what-ifs, focus on the present and the future

Take a Chance!

Look for the silver lining or the opportunity in the situation. Things happen for a reason and all that. So that curveball can be an opportunity in disguise, a lesson to learn (even if it is a hard one), a difficulty to conquer and to strive through, a chance to let your resilience shine through, and to be you.

Use that ‘Call a Friend’ Lifeline

Call that friend or family member and ask for help, even if it just that you need someone to listen to you. Get that shoulder to lean on. It helps. Know that you don’t need to do everything alone. You never know how others might be able to help. Sometimes, they might have gone through that exact same situation (never mentioned it because they did not ask you for help maybe) and now can give you good advice.


Take responsibility, take action. Make a plan to work through/with this situation. Don’t let the situation paralyze you or make you give up. Instead, think of what steps you can take to solve the problem, improve the situation, or prevent it from happening again.

In Conclusion

Above all, be grateful for the chances life gives you in the form of these ‘didn’t see that coming’ curveballs. Acknowledge your strengths. I love this quote from Wilcox!

“A pat on the back is only a few vertebrae removed from a kick in the pants, but it is miles ahead in results.”–Ella Wheeler Wilcox

And often times, these sudden unexpected things just happen to be the pleasantest of surprises – simply that and nothing more! In that case, you don’t need any of these above tips. But I will leave you with just one reminder – enjoy these moments for they will become precious memories later.

And Now, the End of this Post

Dear reader, as always, ending this post with questions for you:

  • the bookish ones:
    • have you read any of these books? if 👍🏻, your thoughts on the book(s)? if not, which one would you pick first?
    • which of these (or other) books would be on your #6degrees chain?
  • and then the non-bookish ones:
    • what is something that happened to you recently that you didn’t see coming at all? something unexpected that happened to you recently?
    • how do you deal with sudden unexpected changes – the good, bad, and ugly ones?

And of course, welcome any and all thoughts and comments on the post..

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15 thoughts on “When You Didn’t See that Coming

  1. I find things seem to happen all the time so have gotten used to expecting the unexpected. Thankfully it’s normally positive things. I have learnt to accept and to move on.

  2. Such a fun theme for things like books and pushing through times that might be out of our comfort zone. I don’t always like surprises but it is good to roll with life when the unexpected comes up.

  3. It’s good to be prepared but it’s also true that we can’t possibly anticipate everything. The important thing is to keep an open mind and be flexible else we snap or have a difficult time adjusting and rolling with the changes.

  4. I’m loving this list of books you selected, I think I will give a few of these books a try. I really would like to read: Well, That was Unexpected.

  5. I always enjoy your wonderful posts and I have to say that picture of the little whirlpool is pretty darned cool! Love it!

  6. I absolutely loved how you explored the concept of the unexpected in life, blending personal stories with literary connections. The journey from ‘Didn’t See that Coming’ through to ‘How to Find What You’re Not Looking For’ encapsulates the essence of life’s unpredictability so beautifully.

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