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13*2 Wonderful Ways to Celebrate Wild About Wildlife Month

July is Wild About Wildlife Month and while I am wild about wildlife any day of the year, events like this give us all a push to celebrate wildlife more consciously. The International Fund for Animal Welfare founded Wild About Wildlife Month in 1984. By having a designated day/week/month to recognize organizations that work to protect and conserve wildlife and to be more aware of what each of us can do, we can collectively contribute to preserving biodiversity, supporting conservation efforts, and fostering a deeper connection with the natural world.

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This goes towards Thursday 13 where you can join in as well to post any random 13 things (I know I have 13 *2 on this list:))

13*2 Ways to Be Wild About Wildlife

Like I mentioned earlier, I am wild about wildlife always and have always looked for opportunities to observe and learn more about wildlife. One of my favorite childhood memories is a wildlife learning camp I went on with a few other students from school. It was an amazing week of experiences indeed and one that made me more ‘everything-good’ about our wonderful wild world!


A: Adopt an Animal
Symbolically adopt a wild animal through a conservation organization to support their efforts. Almost every major wildlife organization offers a way to adopt a wild baby!

B: Bird Watching
Spend time observing and identifying local bird species in your area. I got into this when I was in middle school and pursued it for a few years actively but now it is more occasional. Maybe I will get back to it once we become empty nesters.

Make yourself or a loved one a bird watching kit with a pair of binoculars, a journal, and a book (or two) to help out with identifying birds. For little ones, this beginners kit is cool

C: Create a Wildlife Habitat
Designate a part of your yard or community space to be wildlife-friendly by adding native plants, water sources, and shelter.

D: Donate to Wildlife Charities
Support wildlife conservation organizations with financial contributions.

E: Educate Yourself and Others
Read books, watch documentaries, and attend workshops to learn about wildlife and share your knowledge with others.

F: Fundraise for Wildlife
Organize a fundraising event to support wildlife conservation efforts.

G: Go on a Nature Hike
Explore local trails and parks to observe wildlife in their natural habitats. Go enjoy a forest bath! Read this book to understand more about it: Wild Walking: A Guide to Forest Bathing through the Seasons. I totally love the concept of forest bathing and I know it can rejuvenate us totally!

H: Habitat Restoration
Volunteer for projects that restore local natural habitats for wildlife.


I: Install Bird Feeders and Houses
Provide food and shelter for local birds by installing bird feeders and houses in your yard.

J: Join a Conservation Group
Become a member of a local or national wildlife conservation organization.

K: Keep a Wildlife Journal
Document your wildlife observations, experiences, and learnings in a journal, like The Naturalist’s Notebook.

L: Learn About Endangered Species
Research and educate yourself about endangered species and what can be done to protect them.

M: Make Wildlife Art
Create art inspired by wildlife and share it with others to raise awareness and inspire others as well.

Check out these books for inspiration and instructions

N: Night Safari
Go on a night safari or nocturnal walk to observe nighttime wildlife.

O: Organize a Community Clean-Up
Help remove litter and pollutants from local natural areas to protect wildlife habitats.


P: Participate in Citizen Science
Join projects that track wildlife and contribute data.

Q: Quiz on Wildlife
Create or participate in a wildlife-themed quiz to test and expand your knowledge.

R: Reduce Plastic Use
Minimize the use of single-use plastics to help protect wildlife from pollution.

S: Support Sustainable Products
Purchase products that are sustainably sourced and wildlife-friendly.

T: Take a Wildlife Photography Challenge
Capture photos of local wildlife and share them to raise awareness.

As local as it can get for us – this is the banana slug…

U: Use Eco-Friendly Products
Switch to eco-friendly household and personal care products to reduce environmental impact.

V: Visit a Wildlife Sanctuary
Spend a day at a local wildlife sanctuary or refuge to observe and learn about animals.

W: Write to Policymakers
Advocate for wildlife protection by writing to your local and national policymakers.

X: Xeriscape Your Garden
Implement xeriscaping techniques in your garden to create a drought-tolerant, wildlife-friendly environment.

Image by Lisa Yount from Pixabay

Y: Youth Education Programs
Get involved in or support youth education programs focused on wildlife conservation.

Z: Zoo Volunteer
Volunteer at a local zoo to help care for animals and educate visitors about wildlife conservation.

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And Now, the End of This Post

Dear reader, what are your tips to be wild about wildlife? Any suggestions are welcome. Which of these would you do first? Any book recommendations? Your favorite wildlife spot/creature?

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14 thoughts on “13*2 Wonderful Ways to Celebrate Wild About Wildlife Month

  1. I love your suggestions for celebrating Wild About Wildlife Month! The ideas are so creative and practical, from adopting an animal to bird watching and creating a wildlife habitat. It’s a fantastic reminder of how we can all contribute to wildlife conservation in fun and meaningful ways. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. I’ve always had animals over my adult life. I currently have two dogs and a cat. I got my Yorkie from a friend of a friend. Then the other two were adopted from the shelter.

    I also enjoy watching the birds in my yard. I often see blue jays and cardinals.

  3. I had no idea it as Wild About Wildlife Month! I love it and it is the perfect way to celebrate nature and my loves of the great outdoors and all of the animals that live there! Thank you for educating me 😉

  4. Wild About Wildlife Month is a great reminder to celebrate and protect our planet’s incredible wildlife. Let’s all get involved!

  5. I always wanted to go bird watching. As an adult I always had animals, and saw some of the wildlife around the areas that I live. Adopting an animal is something that I have done in the past, also people have given me the animals, because they don’t have time for them.

  6. What a great format for a TT! I may have to borrow/steal it. 😉

    I contribute to the World Wildlife Fund in memory of my mom. She was very concerned about the fate of vanishing animals. I’m passionate about “adopt-don’t shop” when it comes to adding pets to your household.

    I should spend more time outdoors. I bet hiking would do me good in more ways than one.

  7. This is such a timely post! Philippine Eagle ‘Mangayon’ dies after rescue efforts in Davao de Oro suspected to be killed by a gunshot. This article should be shared

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