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3 Wonderful Children’s Books: Mini Reviews Plus More

Today, I decided to catch up on both posting and reviews for the many books I have read (some once upon a time) but not reviewed. Well, that number is tremendously huge but I have to start making a dent in that somewhere; so here are 3 wonderful children’s books for you. Today’s post focuses on children’s books as I make an effort to head back to a schedule I had set for myself ages ago when I wanted to blog about multiple things. Mondays were to be all about the magic of reading, more specifically the magic of children’s books.

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3 Wonderful Children’s Books

I picked today’s books keeping in mind this week’s national day and other world events 🙂 We have the International Women in Engineering Day on the 23rd of June, Make Music Day on June 21st, and International Fairy Day on June 24th. Incidentally, the pick for fairy day is the Andersen bio though I have also included additional reads for all later along with a fun printable.

101 Awesome Women Who Transformed Science

Title: 101 Awesome Women Who Transformed Science
Author: Claire Philip
Illustrator: Isabel Munoz
Length: 128 pages
Genre:  Children’s Biographies /STEM, Inspiring Women (7 – 10 years, and up)
Publisher: Arcturus (February 2020)
Source: Originally, digital review copy from NetGalley + Currently, my personal copy

My Quick Thoughts: A comprehensive listing of awesome women in science; some familiar and many others I did not know of before I read this book!! The biographies themselves are concise and written to provide the perfect introduction to make readers of all ages inspired to learn more about the featured women. A must-read for everyone.

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Hans Christian Andersen : The Journey of His Life

Title: Hans Christian Andersen : The Journey of His Life
Author: Heinz Janisch
Illustrator: Maja Kastelic 
Length: 56 pages
Genre:  Children’s Literary Biographies (4 – 8 years, and up)
Publisher: NorthSouth Books (September 1st 2020)
Source: Digital review copy from Edelweiss + Currently, my personal copy

My Quick Thoughts: Andersen has always fascinated me; as a child, I wondered how someone came up with the tales like he did (well, I wondered that about any and every author I enjoyed reading!) This book takes its readers on a beautiful journey of Andersen’s fascinating life. I love how Janisch uses a fictional tale of a shared carriage ride between Andersen and a young girl traveling with her mom to share his life story. Kastelic’s illustrations are simply amazing, and bring his life and his work to, well, life!

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How to Build an Orchestra

Title: How to Build an Orchestra
Author: Mary Auld with Rachel Leach
Illustrator: Elisa Paganelli
Length: 48 pages
Genre:  Children’s Books/Arts and Music (7 – 12 years, and up)
Publisher: Crocodile Books (October 13th 2020)
Source: Originally, digital review copy from Edelweiss

My Quick Thoughts: A lively, colorful, wonderfully formatted as well as beautifully illustrated with detailed artwork and information-packed book for all who want to learn the basics of how to build an orchestra!!

The book talks about the musical instruments divided by their families (strings, brass, percussion and so on) as well as the musicians. It moves on to how everyone rehearses together to play the orchestral pieces using examples of a couple of beautiful pieces and ends with how they perform in front of an audience. I love that it comes with a QR code to unlock so readers can listen to the sounds of the London Symphony Orchestra. The foreword by Sir Simon Rattle as well as backmatter (about included music and glossary) are not to be missed.

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The Plus More

Word Search Printable

Here is a fairy tale word search for you. Click on the image to download the pdf which includes the answer sheet

word search for wonderful children's books

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And Now, the End of This Post

Dear reader, have you read any of these books? Or other similar reads? Do share your recommendations. And as always, would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions. Is there something you would like me to add or include with my book reviews/recommendations?

17 thoughts on “3 Wonderful Children’s Books: Mini Reviews Plus More

  1. What a great set of books! Each of these sounds wonderful on its own, and I love how you timed them to coincide with some important days. I love the illustration style of the book on Hans Christian Andersen! And the word search you share is super-cute as well! Thanks so much for the great reviews!

  2. “How to Build an Orchestra” sounds interesting and my 7 year old great grandson might just enjoy this. I love word searches. I do super easy ones with Lia to help her learn spelling words.

  3. These are all amazing books to add to our library. I’m especially drawn to the women who transformed Science! So great for my homeschool daughter!

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