Wordless Wednesday and Wednesday meme

My daughter’s hennaed hands.. She loved it. She went to a friend’s place to celebrate Id the previous week and they had a henna party for the little girls and the big girls (Yes, for me too!)

Wondrous Words Wednesday: 
Kathy over at Bermudaonion’s Weblog hosts Wondrous Words Wednesday. If you come across a word (or two) while reading that is new to you and would like to share your new knowledge, then hop over to Kathy’s place and link up!

umbelliferous [ˌʌmbɪˈlɪfərəs]adj – of, relating to, or belonging to the Umbelliferae, a family of herbaceous plants and shrubs, typically having hollow stems, divided or compound leaves, and flowers in umbels: includes fennel, dill, parsley, carrot, celery, and parsnip

gro·tes·quer·ie (also gro·tes·quer·y) n. (pl. -quer·ies) grotesque quality or grotesque things collectively: living in a world of grotesquerie and make-believe. a grotesque figure, object, or action. late 17th cent.: French (see GROTESQUE).
(though I knew what it could mean, did not know this form of grotesque)

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  1. @JNCLSame here, was actually surprised that they have something in common.. I found the word when I was trying to put a link up for my Tuesday post for asafoetida(hing)..and henna parties are always fun – totally a girls night out thing..

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