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Wednesday is almost over and my post not yet started. ‘The Immortals of Meluha’ have to wait for my review. My Wednesday post will be a part of my effort to blog every day this month as part of NaBloPoMo and a hello to some of my favorite memes I have missed out on the last few months. So instead of the review post and more along with my hello to memes, I made a decision to compromise and keep moving forward in my quest to post everyday! So, here it is..
This post is also my entry to Three Word Wednesday (the three words being compromise, decision, and forward)  and for ABCWednesday (the letter of the week being Q – quest )
Please note that this is not my normal entry for these memes, but for today, this will do….for me at least

So here is my hello to Wondrous Words Wednesday:
de·mesne n. HISTORICAL 1 land attached to a manor and retained for the owner’s own use. – the lands of an estate. – ARCHAIC a region or domain: she may one day queen it over that fair demesne. 2 HISTORICAL [LAW] possession of real property in one’s own right. held in demesne (of an estate) occupied by the owner, not by tenants. Middle English: from Old French demeine (later Anglo-Norman French demesne) ‘belonging to a lord’, from Latin dominicus, from dominus ‘lord, master’. Compare with DOMAIN.

fru·men·ty (also fur·me·ty) n. BRIT. an old-fashioned dish consisting of hulled wheat boiled in milk and seasoned with cinnamon and sugar. late Middle English: from Old French frumentee, from frument, from Latin frumentum ‘corn’.

zaf·tig (also zof·tig) adj. INFORMAL (of a woman) having a full, rounded figure; plump.  1930s: Yiddish, from German saftig ‘juicy’.

18 thoughts on “World of Words Wednesday

  1. I like the definitions, I am always looking to learn more and new words. I also am on the lookout for new writing challenges, ways to flex my mental muscles, as it were. WIl have to give ABCWednesday a look.

    stu pidasso

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