World of Words Wednesday – Diets, Stamps, Sisters, and Chokecherries

For Wondrous Words Wednesday:
these words are from the book ‘Thimble Summer’ and are new to me:
Bulrush or bullrush is the common name of a variety of wetland plants, typically in
the sedge family (Cyperaceae).
The name is particularly applied to the sedge family genera Bolboschoenus,
and Schoenoplectus. Outside of this family, the name
is used for Typha,
a genus in the Typhaceae family, also known as reedmace or cattail.
famous story involving bulrushes is that of the Ark
of bulrushes
, in which the infant Moses was found. Within the context of
the story, this is probably paper reed (Cyperus

Chokecherry – Prunus
, commonly called chokecherry, bitter-berry, or
Virginia bird cherry,[2] is a
species of bird cherry (Prunus subgenus Padus)
native to North America, where it is found almost throughout
the continent except for the Deep South and the far north.
Bouncing bet – Common
(Saponaria officinalis) is a vespertine flower, and a common perennial
from the carnation family (Caryophyllaceae).
Other common names are Bouncing Bet and Sweet William; locally it is simply
“the Soapwort” although there are about 20 species of soapworts
When I saw the
image of this flower and also the fact that it lathers, I realized I know this
flower. I have seen it growing around my house I grew up in as a child.
Source of word meanings
and images: wikipedia.
For ABC Wednesday – (letter S) and Wordless
Images below are in the order displayed: 
1) Sisters – a photo of my daughter and my niece – professed BFFs – playing a game they made up
2) Dancing Sisters – a photo of three of my nieces performing a traditional dance of India – Bharatanatyam – at an event while in India this summer, and all three are great dancers
3) Dancing Sisters 2 – another photo captured of two of them dancing together
4) Stamps – this is a photo of an exhibit taken at a stamp exhibition we visited last weekend – we enjoyed the experience a lot and now on the lookout for more such exhibitions.


For ABC Wednesday: for the letter S from the super-duper book ‘Shakespeare on Toast’ by Ben Crystal:
‘Here’s a thing: Shakespeare is partly responsible for the
film career of Arnold Schwarzenegger. Schwarzenegger got his first part in an
American film (Hercules in New York) because Joe Weider, his friend
and promoter, convinced the film’s producers that Arnie had been a great
Shakespearian actor in Austria, which, of course, he hadn’t.’

For 3WW(Motion, peaceful, vision) and Acrostic Only, (SPICY Acrostic limerick): This is my first attempt at a limerick, so ….

Some say variety is the spice of life
Perhaps – but visions of a peaceful life
In my mind appear
Compromise brings solidity not strife
Yes, plan in motion, dear
Book review:  
The Facebook Diet: by Gemini Adams:
Publication Date: January 30, 2013
Publishers: Live Consciously Publishing
This book is for anyone you know who has a Facebook (or rather social-media) addiction – so in today’s techie world, most of the people you know! 
The book has 50 cartoons with captions for each. The cartoons are in-your-face-funny and some of them a little naughty, and the text accompanying them is witty and oh-so-true that I was grinning, laughing, and nodding my head at each page as I thought, “Yes, I do this or well, that FB friend of mine does that”. I cannot relate to all of them myself as my addiction is more of a general-being-online addiction than Facebook itself so I still need to go on an internet-diet. The latter part of the book offers tips on detoxing yourself from this addiction so go ahead and read it.
This book is definitely a must-read, lighter look into the very real issue of social media addiction and will be a great gift for all the internet addicts out there with a message to stop, get away from that gadget, and interact with a real someone!
Rating: B+ (would have gotten an A but it is just a little too short and the few naughty cartoons means I cannot sit down and read this with all and sundry!)
For more laughs and more ways to unplug – visit!!!:) The Unplug Series
You can win a free copy of this book – enter at Goodreads for the giveaway – ends Nov 30th. I did too!
Disclaimer:Thank you to NetGalley for sending me a digital
review copy of the book. I was not compensated for my review. My thoughts on
this book were in no way influenced by the author or publicist. They are my
personal opinions formed when I read this book.
And last but not least, a shameless plugin for the giveaway going on right now on my blog – the book is super!, stupendous!, slurp inducing! -and one lucky reader will win a hard copy of this book ‘Vegan Eats World’  – you can enter the giveaway here.

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