Yummy Tummy Tuesday – Vegan Eats World Giveaway

At last, the giveaway!
My review of the book is here. Please be sure to check out this review and comment on it. And a preview of the listing of the recipes in this book is below.

I plan to spend sometime over the next few weeks trying out
many more recipes from the book, I have already planned which ones I need to
try out first, and I will post a few on my Tuesday posts here – with photos
this time. The recipes I am really looking forward to try, arranged chapter
wise below:
Spice Blends: Sichuan 5-Spice Powder and Persian 7-Spice Blend
Three Protein Amigos: Tofu, Seitan and Tempeh
: I have only tried Tofu
before and plan to stick to it for now and have already tried the Savory Baked
Tofu here
Chutneys & Saucier Sauces:
Am so looking forward to trying the kimchi
in this book as well as the Toasted Hazelnut Crunch Dip(dukka)
Spreads & Sandwiches
: Here, I am going to try all the salads one at a
time since we all enjoy salads at home, and while I am at it, try all the
spreads and sandwiches too!
The Andean Aji Bean Stew and the Ginger Peanut Squash soup are on my
first-to-try list here.
Hearty Stews & Beans
:  A
difficult choice to make here as well – Jamaican Plantain and Pumpkin curry? Or
Spicy Saucy Soft Tofu(Ma-Po Tofu)?
Breads & Pancakes:
I am not a big dumpling fan but want to try some in
this book which look positively yummy. Am planning to try out the Afghan
Pumpkin Ravioli with Spicy tomato sauce, the Sri Lankan Coconut Roti (we love
coconut!), and the Turkish Zucchini pancakes
Noodles to Mediterranean Pasta:
What is not to love? Miles of slurpy food!
My first choice here: Takeout Stir-fry noodles with Mushrooms and Greens..
:  Moroccan Vegetable Filo Pie
Robust Vegetable Entrees & Sides: Have already tried the Roasted
cauliflower in this chapter and next on my list is Jeff’s Lazy Sunday Stuffed
Artichokes (I have been meaning to try a recipe with artichokes for so long
Rice & Whole Grains: One-Pot Meals
& Supporting Roles:
There are two Crusty Persian Rice recipes here that I want to try.

will be the recipe I will try out first
: Italian
Cashewcotta Cheesecake as well as the Orange Blosson Hazelnut Baklava!

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Please note that this is for US and Canada only and ends Nov 30th 2012.

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42 thoughts on “Yummy Tummy Tuesday – Vegan Eats World Giveaway

  1. I think the book you're giving away is pretty good! I just popped over and wow, what a great site. I've bookmarked it and will check out some of the recipes. Btw, tempeh is really nice. And this cookbook sounds that it covers quite a lot of cuisines — I couldn't eat a whole bunch of "pretend" meat anyway so I think that the spices and the variety of cuisines should keep things nice and tasty! Awesome giveaway! 🙂

    Btw, The Persecution of Mildred Dunlap is up for grabs on my blog. Come pop over when you have a moment:

  2. huh. my wife loves to cook…i def like my meat but we have learned to eat a bit more healthy as well and am always looking for creative ways to fix veggies….

    good to see you again…smiles.

  3. I'm a vegetarian and have tried lots of different recipes. My favourite is a bean casserole that I put together myself. I've never written down a recipe, so each time it turns out slightly different from the last one.

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