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Words have always fascinated me for as long as I remember and word games of every sort are among my favorites. While my mom picks up the
newspaper across the oceans each day to get her daily dose of Sudoku (which she is crazy good at), I pick up the newspaper or go online to do the daily jumble or unscramble words or play numerous other word games.  Now my kids also have picked up on these habits – they are trying their luck out with both Math and word games. One fun word game we are all enjoying in the new year is Quizzitive 
One resolution I made this year is to learn a new word each day – I am sure that can be truly successful only if 1. I remember the words longer than a day, and 2. if I actually use the words So here is to hoping that I do that – learn, recall, and use! And for another game I enjoy playing when I want a break – you can head on over to freerice.com where every word you guess correctly adds to grains of rice to help end world hunger (truly).
Here are a couple of words I learned from books I have been reading:
  • Puling: whine: to whine, whimper, or cry plaintively
  • Panada: a paste of flour or bread crumbs and water or stock
    used as a base for sauce or a binder for forcemeat or stuffing
  • Hymeneal : of marriage: relating to, involving, or characteristic of marriage; wedding song: a song or poem celebrating a wedding
  • Syllabub:  milk or cream that is curdled with an acid beverage (as wine or cider) and often sweetened and served as a drink or topping or thickened with  gelatin and served as a dessert

All these words are new to me completely. Syllabub is definitely something I might have consumed as also panada without even knowing these words:) They all go towards Wondrous Words Wednesday

As ABC Wednesday heads to the end of another round towards Z, for my Z post, I have a song on my mind – Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah and I am working on another Z post as well but in the meantime, here is a wonderful read – Isaac Asimov’s 2014 – http://www.nytimes.com/books/97/03/23/lifetimes/asi-v-fair.html – You can zip and zoom between times through his words here.

For Three Word Wednesday (Faithful islolate scrutinize) and ABC Wednesday, a drabble (another new word I learned) I wrote (my very first one!)

The faithful old retainer scrutinized the isolated village they had just sighted – the very one they had been looking for. When he determined
all was safe, he gave a brief nod to move on. Nevaeh’s eyes sparkled with excitement, as she knew she would find at the end of their long, hard,perilous journey but perfect for her zany adventure-seeking self.
Sometime later, as she took a bite of heaven in forkfuls of the best zuccotto and zeppole in the world, she knew that this was it – her personal zenith.
(She knew she could burn it off with some zumba later)
For dVerse‘s first OLN of 2014 and for Haiku Heights (clap)
Her hands and my own,
They go together, away
Singing songs, we play.

This book review along with the others I have already completed so far this year all need to be linked to challenges I signed up for this year – I will do that soon:)

Wednesday Book Review:

Stephanie Perkins, YA, CricketLola and the Boy Next Door by Stephanie Perkins – I read both the books in the series back
to back or cover to cover to cover.  What can I say
– I am an adult in love with sweet YA. You can find my review of ‘Anna and the French Kiss’ here.

What I loved most about this book –
 1 The Bay Area settings of the
book (Berkeley, San Francisco, and more)
2 Cricket – not the game, but ‘the boy next door’ who is someone I would
have loved to have next door growing up
3 Pies
4 Anna and Etienne
5 Lola’s dads.
6 Cricket’s contraptions
7 A little history lesson about the inventor(s) of the telephone
8 Talking to the moon
9 Lola’s progress through the book – at the end, she emerges a better
10 Stephanie’s writing – it flows and sparkles – there is no other way to describe it, and many times is poetic – just beautiful
(if I have to pick quotes that I like here and in ‘Anna’, there will be too many to list – so you can look at GoodReads for all the quotes that are there:))
You might have noticed that Lola herself is not on the list here. She
is likable but not lovable (at least for me -her costumes are zany, granted,
and I normally love quirks like this in characters) but I just happened to love
all these other facets that I listed above more! The sibling-rivalry-love between
Cricket and Calliope was endearingly portrayed and I also enjoyed the
friendship between St.Clair and Cricket. What I did not enjoy that much – Max and
his relationship with Lola as well as the friendship between Lola and Lindsay (I
kind of felt Lindsay was the giver in this).
Again, like with ‘Anna and the French Kiss’ – a sweet, delightful read
that has me waiting for the next in the series.
Rating: B+
Reading Level: YA
Reread Level: 4/5

This book review goes towards the following challenges I signed up for this year:
Reading Outside the Box – for the box – Young Adult Fiction 
 52 Books in 52 Weeks – Book 1/Week 1 
2014 Women’s Challenge – Book 2

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  1. I like the playful take on haiku clap ~ However a haiku doesn't rhyme though (away/play) ~ Nice tercet & I see you have responded to a lot of memes here ~ Thanks ~

  2. Wonderful Wednesday word post! I tend to forget the new words I've "learned", unless I make a deliberate effort to use them as well.

    I have a related giveaway on my blog right now. Please stop by when you have a moment! 🙂

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