Yummy Tummy Tuesday – Temptation in Little Bits – A Book Review

Truly Modern Recipes for Beans, Chickpeas and Lentils, to Tempt Meat Eaters and Vegetarians Alike
Jenny Chandler
Anova Books

This book is a pleasure –  to read, to try out the recipes, and to just peruse. It is organized very well and has a ginormously wonderful collection of recipes that I am so eager to try out. Here is my piece-meal review of the book.

  • In ‘Nibbles, Dips and Purees’, she covers quick snacks like steamed edamame, the sundal – a favorite snack in our home (even with the kids) and in most South Indian Tamil homes, and roasted chickpeas (another favorite snack in India). She also includes spreads and dips like the ever-popular hummus in so many variations, and other purees that will make you wonder at the lip-smacking uses of the humble pulse. And even baby food – nourishing, healthy, wholesome.
  • In ‘Fritters, Pancakes and Patties’, felafels (traditional and new wave varieties – beetroot and feta cheese, anyone? I know I am trying this out soon), flatbreads and pancakes from around the world (including the dosa and quesedillas), patties that have wonderful bean-based burgers
  • ‘Soups’ (lablabi), ‘Starters’ (like a delicious rich pate of butterbeans, tomato and pistachio, as well as  remoulades and stuffed peppers), ‘Salads’ ( protein rich salads of pulses and feta cheese among others), ‘Side Dishes’ (like the awesome new dish I discovered called the Turlu turlu as well as so many others I am going to try out) are other sections in this pulsing with recipes book.
  • The section ‘Vegetarian Mains’ includes dishes that speak to you through their ingredients – the Tagine from Morrocco reminds me of a dish that we make for festive occasions; the warm colors of a roasted root vegetables with chickpeas spring out of the pages;  a lentil and nut loaf – this is one dish I would have not thought of to make using lentils but after the description and the recipe, I know I am trying this out soon; familiar recipes that are much-loved and often-cooked featured in this book make me feel proud of our culinary heritage – like the humble sambar from the south of India and the ever-popular chana masala or the usal; a pea and bean risotto to brighten up any day; and a tofu stir-fry to wow ; among other numerous dishes.
  • Desserts using pulses – yes, while that initially surprised me, I immediately recalled the paruppu payasam varieties made in Tamil homes for many festive occasions – these are hearty, healthy, and yummy! The dessert recipes included here are some I have not tried yet but I am going to – soon – and all of them!
  • A Full Monty section featuring a whole bunch of recipes with ham, duck, pork, lamb and more, as well as a section on Basics and one for ‘Sauces, Salsas, and Seasonings’ round out this book.
  • Absolutely loved the very informative ‘ Check Your Pulse’ section at the end of the book – I discovered so much about the pulses I thought I was familiar with and discovered ones I did not know about at all

Rating: A

Disclaimer: Thanks to NetGalley for the eARC of this delicious book. The opinions here are my own.

This review goes towards the Foodies Reads Challenge I signed up for this year as well as the 2014 Women’s Challenge – Book 1

The Top Ten theme at The Broke and the Bookish this
week: Top Ten Bookish Goals For 2014 – not much different from my 2013 goals here
  1. Work on my
    challenges – that covers many goals 
  2. Read more – with my kids
  3. Write more….
  4. Update my
    book lists – TBR/completed/others – and link to reviews wherever they are
    (my blog/amazon/goodreads/brazenreads) and put it up on my blog. Add links on other book group lists I belong to
  5. Start on the review of a book as soon as I am done reading it – at least a few comments/notes so I can work on it later – if I don’t then it just is not the same…
  6. Leave more
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  7. Find interesting bookish things – anything to do with books
  8. I will not
    continue to read books if I find them uninteresting even after 33 pages. 
  9. Visit the library more often
  10. Have fun
    reading and blogging and reviewing and doing all that I have stated above

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