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Book Reviews: Ten and ‘And Then There Were None’
I read Ten by Gretchen McNeil right on the heels of ‘And Then There Were None’ by Agatha Christie – not sure if that was the best idea I had!
Ten by itself is written well for its target audience. It brought to mind movies that I know of – not really seen though (except for trailers) – like ‘The Ring’, ‘I know what you did…’ series, and similar movies. The dialog was sometimes a bit juvenile for me, though, I would think – the redeeming feature of this book was that I did keep turning the pages to the end to see how this author would move the story forward. Overall, this will be a good read for someone who – has not read ‘And Then There were None’ by Christie, likes the movies I mentioned earlier, loves mysteries, and teen-speak does not detract them from turning the pages!
Rating: C
And Then There Were None – A masterpiece from a master story teller.  If Christie had added a few more pages to this book, I would have gladly kept on reading – that is how I felt as
I reached the last word in the book. Ten people are lured to an island by an absentee host. As they try to figure out why they are on the island, their numbers start reducing –  someone is murdering them one by one. The murderer has a penchant for love nursery rhymes because each murder follows the lines in the ‘Ten Little Indians’ (conveniently displayed in a frame in each of their rooms!). They now scramble to find out the murderer, each murder makes
them all suspicious of each other and yet, they need to work together to hopefully stay alive – but soon – there were none.
Christie manages to throw the reader off at every turn of the plot and keeps you thinking at the end of the book.
A must-read for anyone who loves mysteries.
Rating: A
Movie Review: I still need to watch the movie by the same name – ‘And Then There Were None’ but I did watch a Bollywood (Hindi movie) adaptation of Christie’s book – Gumnaam. I remember loving that movie – it was well made, had a strong cast, and also had all the requisite song and dance sequences o Bollywood movies that make them a total entertainer.  Some of the scenes are still fresh in my memory and the songs of this movie still hummable.
3WW: Agile, flaccid, phantom
The Ghost Who Walks (walked!)
that was what he is called.
Many know him as the Phantom
As he appears out of nowhere at random
Agile as a cat, quiet as a mouse
His darling kids – Kit and Heloise
Of late, he had adventures few
And flaccid of course is how he grew!
Note: I love the Phantom comics – growing up in India, I devoured books – Indrajal Comics among them. Phantom was one of them published by Indrajal.
ABC Wednesday: W – As we explore the letter W for ABC Wednesday, I realize I do not have any women writers whose works I have read for this letter. I do, however, have a few whom I have had on my to read list forever now – they include Laura Ingalls Wilder, Alice Walker, Edith Wharton, and Virginia Woolf.
  • wimples
    • a woman’s headcloth drawn in folds about the chin, formerly worn out of doors, and still in use by some nuns.
  • Barmy
    •  slightly irrational: unconventional or slightly irrational in behavior
    •  nonsensical: completely lacking in good sense or reason
  • cavil
    • object for no good reason: to make objections about something on small and unimportant points
    •  carping criticism: a trivial and unreasonable objection


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  1. I will be looking forward to your reading of Virginia Woolf. I read three of her books earlier this year. After you review them I will share my thoughts with you. Nice use of the 3WW words.

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