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a fine day to start challenges

Is there a fine day to start challenges? I seem to be taking the words ‘better late than never’ quite seriously. As some of you know, I am having a series of reviews titled ‘better late…’ where I plan to review books that should have been reviewed, well, eons ago. And while I had many ideas for October’s Ultimate Blog Challenge and a couple of drafts in progress, nothing happened – till the end of day one (thankfully, my geographical location helps in this case since for many it is day two already)..

But any day is a fine day to start challenges, so here goes, well, whatever I hope I can do….

Today’s post is going to be kind of a hodge-podge, also a look of things to come for this month as well.

The Challenges

This is my (x?)th time doing the Ultimate Blog Challenge and (one of) my main reason(s) for doing this one is the UBC community of bloggers. So here I am again, looking forward to interacting with old familiars and UBC newbies!

The List(s)

It has been a while since I did a Top Ten Post so instead of two separate posts, I just decided to do it here. This week’s theme for Top Ten Books over at That Artsy Reader Girl is books with numbers in the title on them. Here is my list:

  1. One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest
  2. The Three Fat Men
  3. The Three Musketeers
  4. Enid Blyton’s Famous Five Series
  5. Enid Blyton’s Five Find Outer Series
  6. Six Boys and a Minivan
  7. The Twentieth Wife
  8. The Twenty-One Balloons
  9. Around the World in 80 Days
  10. 20000 Leagues Under the Sea

and two more which are well:


And Inktober was also on my list of things I hope to do (as much as I can); so here is day one – Ring.

And Then We Reach The End (Almost)

Dear reader – Have you read any of the books in my list? Do let me know. What are your favorite books that have numbers in the titles? I know there are millions more I might have read and enjoyed but my memory is way way shorter than that list….

And would love to hear your thoughts on my Inktober attempts as well…

Looking forward to your comments and reading your posts as well..

6 thoughts on “a fine day to start challenges

  1. Better late than never ! It’s like my motto too. As for my favorite book with numbers, What if I tell you ”IT Chapter Two” !. The book I mean. Hope I didn’t scare you.

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