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Tuesday went past and as I wonder if I should eat the last of the wonderful sweets my mom sent with DH for Diwali from India, I realize that it has been a long time since I posted any recipes and being smack in the middle of a multi-cultural festive season, there are many reasons and many recipes to post..Until I actually do post one (maybe next week), here is something to look forward to for readers of my blog – a review, and a giveaway of a really cute book ‘Don’t Push the Button’ by Bill Cotter – coming up Thursday. Bill graciously agreed to do a guest post too which will also be posted along with my review of the book.

For ABC Wednesday(Letter R) and 3WW (aggressive heighten limited)

Recipe for a Revolution
limited resources
heightened emotions
aggressive actions

For Wondrous Words Wednesday, – it has been quite a few weeks since I posted words for WWW, but finally made it a point to note down words (though I have been reading a lot)

    – Injurious or harmful in effect; adverse: habits inimical to good health.
    – unfriendly; hostile: a cold, inimical voice.
 – a Bolshevik, or someone accused of having Bolshevik (communist) leanings).
 – (more commonly) an adjective meaning that someone is very assertive in the pursuit of something and/or hostile to authoritarian manoeuvres by others. A bolshy person gets cross if confronted and is likely to say “what’s it to you?”, “mind your own business” and stuff like that a lot.
   – sarcastic, bitingwit, banter, jocular, sarcasm, sardonic.
 – Childish; suited for children, trivial

For Haiku Heights (Seven)
stones piled up
ball and down they all go
them up again.

Notes strung together
Seven only yet they make
A million tunes
Bridge across the sky
Beauty, peace and hope.

Seven dwarfs there were
Un-named by the Grimm Brothers
Now have names galore!

Seven is such a magical number, across time and space – you find references and usage of seven in history books as well as other references in Greek, Roman, Indian and other cultures around the world. Science, math, culture, literature, and well, just about anything, anywhere has some reference to seven. So when I saw the number seven for Haiku Heights, my mind exploded with the possibilities and the ideas are still out there, waiting to be written but until then, there are these few here for now.

6 thoughts on “World of Words Wednesday – Wednesday Memes..

  1. Seven is a very important number in the bible. We should forgive seventy times seven. God created the world in seven days.
    Thank you for sharing your contribution for ABC Wednesday!
    Wil, ABCW Team

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