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Yam By the Yamuna: You Alone With the Yazh So Amazing

Today’s letter put me in a dilemma. I initially had a courtesan named Yaman Mats planned for Y when I was thinking of a ‘people only’ theme. But when I failed to find people for other letters, I added on places and things too. So I went off to the river Yamuna and was listening to the ancient Tamil instrument Yazh for a bit. Then came the prompts, food based and sight (this one is easier for any of my choices).. so I added on the Yam (more specifically the elephant foot yam).

Which is why as we reach the end of the alphabet (almost), I have two poems for you, and three different Y things, plus the book, of course.

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Yam By the Yamuna: You Alone With the Yazh So Amazing

By the Yamuna With the Amazing Yazh

Playing the Yazh by the Yamuna
The Yazh, an ancient instrument of strings,
A work of art that makes spirits sing,
Its melodies rich with history and lore,
Once forgotten, and now lovingly restored.
Its body curved with wooden sheen,
A work of art, a sight to to be seen.
Each pluck of strings brings music to life,
A gift of rhythm in a world of strife.

The Yamuna flows through northern lands,
A sister to the Ganga so grand.
Its waters pure, its current strong,
It carries legends, tales and song.

From its birth in Yamunotri,
Through fields and forests, a journey so free,
A source of life for all around,
A river that weaves a melody of sound.

I would love to play the Yazh
On Yamuna’s shore, maybe at the Taj
Just think, “those melodies would transport us places,
to beautiful worlds of rhythm, words and phrases.

With every note, I would feel the beat,
And dance along with happy feet.
With every note, I would be lost in sound;
That elusive moment of peace?? Well, there it can be found.

So won’t you join me too
But first, something I need to do
Learn to play the Yazh you see
And before that, find one for me!
(Also, maybe enjoy a meal there as well
with yummy roasted yam! That’d be swell!)

~ Vidya tiru @ LadyInReadWrites

The Yummy Yo-Healthy Yam

Yummy Yam (More to the Name)
Part 0:
Before I begin, let me give this yam a name
For if I have to say the full one out each time –
Think about it, elephant foot yam, can sound lame
simply wordy too, does YEFTY sound fine?
(Or maybe just yam, that can work anytime!)

Part 1:
Yam roast curry, so simple yet unique
Proof that you don’t judge things by their physique
This elephant foot shaped tuber, with flavors that blend
Is a nutrition-filled delicacy, that’s hard to contend.
“My texture’s so starchy, my taste so bold
I am kind of humble, and unique to behold”
Handle me with care (I don’t mean gently),
I mean, I am known to be itchy..
But here is a tip I have for you,
Actually, one times two..
Dip me in some watered-down tamarind juice
And your fingers with oil do grease”
YEFTY’s distinct flavors and tough skin
Made this yam both a cook’s favored dish
And one that cooks would not rather..
Mom made it anyways, every once or time another.

Part 2
Now that I am away, from that motherland,
I have that craving for it now and then; canned
ones I do find but it is just not the same
While frozen ones sure are better, the taste – kind of tame..
You see, yam the original, is so full of sass,
Earthy and original, and not at all crass
As the dress yam wears, the outer skin; look within-
& you’ll find that your heart, yam is sure to win!
And when you do find YEFTY
Who can be kind of a rarity
Remember the tips from earlier
And dip in your oils, not vinegar.
Then if you wonder how to make this
Look online for recipes
It lends itself to many tastes, it’s true
Each one sure to satisfy you
~Vidya Tiru @ LadyInReadWrites

References and Further Reading

My Y Books

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You Get So Alone at Times That it Just Makes Sense by Charles Bukowski (Poetry)

Description: Charles Bukowski examines cats and his childhood in You Get So Alone at Times, a book of poetry that reveals his tender side. The iconic tortured artist/everyman delves into his youth to analyze its repercussions.

My Quick Thoughts: This was a poet on my to-read list for a long while now, and I finally can say I have read him! And can I just say, I am glad I did!

And Now, the End of the Post

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a painting of the taj by the yamuna and a female musician playing a beautiful curved harp with a tiny dish of yam next to her and pin title is Yam By the Yamuna: You Alone With the Yazh So Amazing

4 thoughts on “Yam By the Yamuna: You Alone With the Yazh So Amazing

  1. This is touchy soul resonating composition. Both music and yam are close to my heart. I never knew about Yahz this poem introduced to it. It’s beautiful. Yam I always love. In south they especially fry with chillies and that tastes good. In north they make exotic curries that just sends my soul to enjoy most. I was searching for your posts for long but was unable to find. Today I got so I read. I enjoyed your post a lot. Beautiful poetry.

  2. I absolutely enjoyed reading your article about the Yamuna river and its connection to the yam vegetable. Your vivid descriptions and personal anecdotes really brought the story to life. The beautiful photos also added to the overall experience. Keep up the fantastic work!

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