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Yet another Year ….

As another Year nears its end, I look back to see, as many of us do, what has been done, all that has transpired, and all that remains to be done in the next Year to come..

This post is a brief look back and look forward for the year that is almost done and the year to come..

Resolutions/Goals for the year 2017: As always, I wrote up some resolutions/goals for the year in this post and while I cannot say I accomplished all of them or reached all my goals, I did try and that really is what matters to me.. and I know that trying just a little bit harder can help me reach them easily (for example, this month of December has been a month of walking everyday, though not the planned goal of 10k but an active consistent walking of enough steps to keep me feeling good about myself)

  • One a day – I took photos but not every day, though often enough to make my family wonder what I was doing with my camera 🙂 the journaling sadly fell behind
  • Two letters – this was a no unless I count the letters I wrote to my DD to read at her summer camp…
  • Three posts a week – not throughout the year but often enough!
  • exercise Four times a week – again, this was not consistent but better than last year
  • Five reading challenges – joined but not completed – see below
  • Six poems a month – not always but often enough to make me feel good
  • Seven non-fiction books – though I did not finish reading all of them, I did get started on more than 7 books and read most/part of all the books..
  • As for the rest, the 8, 11, 12 – i think I accomplished fairly enough.. #9 – not at all while #10, I am getting to it, as I mentioned at the beginning..
  • Below is my treasure map of resolutions/goals that I had created for the year 🙂


Reading Challenges for 2017: I did not go overboard this year but still took on more that I thought I could do, and sadly, left them all floundering half-way/or even lesser-than-half-way through. These were my reading challenges signed up for the year and while I might have actually finished up some of them unintentionally, I did not consciously update them so will practice that for my next year’s challenges

Speaking of reading challenges, I plan to host one myself on my blog by the end of the week. A little late than most others but look forward to it – something easy, something for everyone, hopefully..

Here is wishing everyone a wonderful Holiday Season once again as we all reflect on the year almost gone by, and a new year to look forward to coming soon…

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