Yummy Tummy Tuesday – Book Review and Giveaway – Devnaa’s INDIA: Delicious Vegetarian Home Cooking & Street Food

The Book Review: 
Devnaa’s INDIA: Delicious Vegetarian Home Cooking & Street Food by Roopa Rawal

So you have tried the pakora, the naan, or the biryani at a restaurant or a friend’s place and loved it?  Or you want to try dishes like the patra but
were a little overwhelmed at the thought? 
Then this book will be just perfect for you!
I love the collection of recipes here and the photographs
are lip slurping, smackingly delicious. 
I have discovered many new recipes considering I have been trolling the
blogworld for Indian (and other) recipes over the past few years regularly. I
learned new/local names for many of the recipes that I knew differently and the
tidbits of information about them are fascinating too.  For example, I was surprised to discover a
recipe so similar to the very traditional Nombu adai we Tamilians make – the
Here is a brief description of the different sections of the
book as the Rawal siblings take the reader on a journey through meals they grew
up eating in their home:
  • Indian Kitchen Essentials
    – useful. A listing along with information of the basic, easy-to-find
    spices, ingredients, and kitchen tools that will make cooking the recipes
    here easier.
  • Chutneys – this section
    includes local favorites presented just like at home – coconut chutney
    from the South and the date tamarind chutney are among the many featured
    in this section
  • Snacks & Farsaan – The
    ever popular dhokla and bhajiyas, along with other recipes not often
    featured in cookbooks like handwo, khandvi, and even patra, are included
    in this section.
  • Starters & Street Food
    – roasted chili and garlic mogo is a dish I need to try out here.
    Presented along with so many other favorites and yummy paneer dishes
  • Main Courses – This
    includes hearty recipes and comfort food ranging from the Gujrati Kadhi to
    a complete one-pot-meal in the spinach and corn kofta biryani(yum!). Among
    the dishes I plan to try out first here are the undhiyu and the corn &
    coconut malai curry.
  • Breads – Indian breads a
    part of meals in many Indian homes in various forms. My recipe to try out
    here is the naan.
  • Desserts – My favorite
    section has to be the one, which involves sugar – of course, desserts!
    Roopa and Jay bring a few but wonderful selection of desserts here – with
    a twist on the traditional – that I really am thrilled about. I am trying
    them all out soon (and yes, many of the untried recipes in the other
    sections too! But, in my world, first comes sugar).
  • Drinks – Masala chai,
    anyone? As for me, with the weather being what it is outside, I would love
    a cup of masala chai with bhajiyas right out of the book, if I could..
Everything in the book evokes wonderful feelings – from the
bright colors and patterns to the heartfelt introduction; and from the
informative kitchen essentials section to the recipes themselves (both the
selection of recipes in this book – which is awesome; and the detailed
instructions for each recipe that make me feel someone is right next to me
gently guiding me along as I try out something new).  I also love the information and stories shared
throughout the book as well as tips that really help.
Food that is always delicious, always familiar is presented
here by Jay and Roopa Rawal with care, with tips to help, with notes that for
me are an ‘aha’ moment, and with just a bit of a twist in some of the recipes
to create an awesome fusion of worlds. 
One point to note: The measurements follow the UK standard
so for readers in other places, a simple conversion chart will help. An Amazon
review mentions a chart at the end of the book but the ebook version I am
reviewing does not seem to have it. Though it is easy enough to convert!

Rating: A+

Disclaimer: Thanks to NetGalley and Devnaa
for a eCopy  of this book reviewed here. The opinions here are my own
and a honest review. 

My plan was – to make undhiyu for the very first time –
using the recipe featured in this book and feature the finished product along
with this review. The instructions are straightforward and healthier as well
compared to other recipes I have seen, so perfect for me!
My reality was – end of a long day plus found myself minus a
few necessary ingredients (and though I always do a switcheroo, it was more
than a couple ingredients) – so no undhiyu made to photograph but for Teaser Tuesdays, I do have the teaser photo from the book below along with couple of other teasers.

The Giveaway:
You can buy this book as well as their first book – Devnaa:Indian-Inspired Desserts by Roopa Rawal here. For my readers, I do have a giveaway for the book reviewed today, thanks to Devnaa and Jay Rawal.
One lucky reader will win a copy of this book to try out the wonderful recipes (do let me know when you try them out). This giveaway is open worldwide and ends 12/17 (Dec 17th at midnight). 
You can enter the giveaway using the Rafflecopter below.

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