A Thanksgiving Weekend Post…as I delaze….

My initial plan was to review games and such on Fridays as a part of my Fun Fridays theme. And you might have noticed the reviews have been mostly absent.

Today, I am reviewing Snap Circuits – SC-300. The Snap Circuits kits are among the most popular toys on amazon and in our house too. This is one of the best toys I have purchased ever – total value – and the returns on this investment keep coming – in learning, in discovering, in fun – everytime we bring this out.
The instruction manuals are detailed and clear with diagrams that let children build the circuits and models easily (some with a little help from adults) as they follow the step-by-step instructions. The projects range from the simple – a light bulb – to more complex ones like two-way radios. And if your kid is interested and has understood the basic principles of electricity (which they do after making enough of these), they can try out some of their own! And I have to say,when they do, the feeling of accomplishment is wonderful..
The pieces are all sturdy and this kit has lasted many a use over the years for us (I bought this for my kids in 2010) and since then have purchased many of these kits as gifts for friends and family – I know this will be cherished by us and them.
There are many versions of this kit – starting from the SC-100 to SC-750; as well as upgrades to the kits that you can order separately.

So if you are looking for something to gift for a child (of any age!), this is definitely something you cannot go wrong with

Rating: A+

For Saturday Snapshot, 6WS, and dVerse

 giving thanks for trails to explore…

Over at dVerse, Shanyn has us writing about our shoes for Poetics : A mile in these SHOES. I found a form I enjoyed reading – in Marianne Moore’s “The Fish” – you can read that here  (Rhyming aabbx with lines of 1, 3  9, 6, and 8 syllables each, a shimmying wriggle and wave of a poem)

Many Miles

sometimes neat,
others, well, a little grimy
to slip into me
                and off we go adventuring.

grainy and
                a cool space where abandoned I lie
                as my feet run, play, fly
                                and off they go

smooth and coarse
                all sorts that I traipse through
in lands far
                and near.  Rest in car-
bliss, feet encased within.
filled with larks,
                loris, cranes, flaming flamingos
                animals in a zoo,
seen them, I’ve, around
the world.

day, feet strong
                no more, they slide me off;
                I say ‘hi’ to shoe-pals, share a
                                as we settle in
for the night.

Off we go,
                a new day has begun.
nice, brisk walk in the morning sun
                Hello, again, dear friend road!

For SY(robust and image:winter scene),
Magpie Tales(image – winged girl), Sunday Whirl(Crisis thanks fire depend
border insight trouncing word plight road forces issue), and Sunday Scribblings(spelling) as well as for G-Man’s Friday Flash 55


Snowed in, roads shut,

Yet in comfort.

“Thanks, robust fire”.

No issues to see

So – spelling-bee..

Crisis I soon heard

In the form of a word!

My plight? 

trouncing me with elation

forces me to depend

on the winged-

-word-angel barely
insight –

On the borders of my brain-bright!

Word spelled…

New winner crowned!


13 thoughts on “A Thanksgiving Weekend Post…as I delaze….

  1. What a feast you have provided us. Sadly I think the Snap Circuits will be very highly priced in Australia but I will check as they would suit Grandson. I loved the form of Many Miles especially as you made it read so well.

  2. ha. there are def grimy ones…my sons in particular…lol…we ask him not to take his shoes off….smiles….ha i like the thought of the shoes sharing a laugh as well when the day is done…smiles.

  3. You did really good on this one. It sure is a good way to meet a lot of blogging "obligations" all at one time. I will look at the Amazon 'Snap Circuits' when I slow down in a week or so, IF I REMEMBER to do that. I am a ham radio person and it might be a good way to teach electronics to a few of the interested family members.

    Snowed in indeed. Nice take, L.I.R.

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