Yummy Tummy Tuesdays – First Memes and then the rest will follow..

The Top Ten Tuesday theme this week over at The Broke and the Bookish is the top ten words/topics that make me pick a book. Here are mine.
  1. Magic – Be it a rabbit out
    of a hat or a circus that magically appears or wizards and dementors,
    magic captivates me, every time.
  2. Books – Books about books,
    bookstores, libraries, publishing houses – well, you get it, books about
    anything to do with books
  3. India – Books about India,
    by Indian authors, featuring Indian characters – all these pique my
  4. History, especially
    historical romances– I love books which are based in the or about
    something in the past (and if they are also travel related, that is a
    bonus) – non-fictional accounts like ‘Journeys on the Silk Road’, ‘Road to
    Timbuktu’ and others. Historical romances are my favorite pastime – they take
    me to a world of romance and ballrooms and nobility and Bow Street and so
    much more. They help me forget, for a little while, what I do not want to
    dwell upon
    – nothing serious, just the humdrum of life.
  5. Stories set in wartime –
    The Book Thief, Gone with the Wind, Anne Frank – while Gone with the Wind
    was definitely more Scarlett’s story, books such as these keep me
    grounded, remind me of the world out there that I never was in and still
    is there today, unfortunately.
  6. Anything my kids will love
    to read – picture books, adventures, stories of wimpy kids or Fancy
    Nancies – I read them all.
  7. Cookbooks – devour these
    for the photos themselvesJ
    and love experimenting with different cuisines, different flavors
  8. Compilations – short stories,
    poems, essays
  9. Science fiction and of late the dystopian
    stories are holding my interest longer than they did earlier. 
  10. Parenting/Self-Help/Family and relationships type of books – I just like reading these books, though I might not need or be able to use all the advice in these books, it is good reading, and there are nuggets of wisdom that I can impart to others, and also end up using a few of them!

For Teaser Tuesdays over at Should be Reading, I have a teaser from  ‘Fifty Shades of Kale: 50 Fresh and Satisfying Recipes That Are Bound to Please   by Drew Ramsey M.D., Jennifer Iserloh’ by

‘Serve these elegant canapes as your sweetie walks through the door after work and you are sure to set the mood for the evening to come. You’ll also be giving your honey some serious brain food.’
Pg 60/169 of the digital ARC from Edelweiss

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