Yummy Tummy Tuesdays – Sandwiches, Live Music, Wonderful Ambience.. a Top Ten Place?

A Top Ten post after forever – today’s theme at The Broke and the Bookish is Top Ten Fictional Characters who would have sat at our lunch tables and here is my list:

  1. Jo
    and Laurie from Little
  2. Katy from What
    Katy Did
  3. George (Georgina) – from Famous
  4. Suok from the Three
    Fat Men
  5. Samwise Gangee from the Lord of the Rings
  6. Tris from the Divergent series
  7. Haroun from
    Haroun and the Sea of Stories
  8. Liesel
    from The
    Book Thief
  9. Flip from the book ‘Zeb
    and the Great Ruckus
  10. Liz Bennett from  Pride and Prejudice
  11. And though she is not really fictional, she would have been a welcome addition too –  Anne Frank 

 And I know there are so many more characters I can go on listing here if I include more of my favorites from adult fiction too – my picks here are mostly children/YA – and I should stop here.. 
Head on over to see more interesting picks. What are yours?  

A visit to the beaches over at Half Moon Bay today led us to downtown Half Moon Bay in search of food and we were thrilled to end up at the San Benito Deli – the food was definitely worth the long lines. My DD did not mind the wait as we spent the time waiting outside in the beautiful garden listening to the live music played on the patio out front. She made a friend while there and they spent a few shared moments playing with playdough! Coming to the food, the sandwiches were awesome (cheese,avocado and egg-salad sandwiches) and they held us through the rest of the day at the beaches. Definitely the place we will return to when we next drive to the HMB beaches. Their freshly backed walnut bread is heavenly. 
Photos coming soon and more Tuesday updates too.

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