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10 Fun Ways to Be More Bookish + Realistic Goals

So when I first started this post, I titled it My Bookish Goals for This Year and Beyond, and like I always do, did a search on my previous such posts. Turns out I had the exact same title for last year’s post! And reading the post made me realize my goals will end up pretty much the same. Which is why I intentionally tried to create a slightly different one, one that i hope to attain over the course of the year.

This goes towards Top Ten Tuesday over at ThatArtsyReaderGirl where the theme is bookish goals for the year.

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10 Fun Ways to Be More Bookish

Little Free Library Fairy!

📚 Stock up your local Little Free Libraries. Maybe you have books you have read and want to make some space for new ones? Or you could hit up local libraries /bookstores for book bag sales and share some of that bookish love across your neighborhood? Become the neighborhood’s book fairy!

Image by Lisette Brodey from Pixabay

Send Some Fan Mail

💌 Channel your inner superfan and write a letter to your favorite author (alive or not too). And don’t stop there. If you have a way to reach the author, then (e)mail that letter. Or you could just make it an open letter and publish it on your blog/other social media. Who knows, your words might just land in their inbox, making their day!

Author Marathon

🏃‍♂️📖 Ready, set, read! Pick an author and embark on a reading marathon through their entire catalog. It’s like a literary Netflix binge, but with pages instead of screens! Well, it could be screens if you are reading an ebook, but you get the gist.

Crafty Bookish Love

🎨 Unleash your inner artist! Create something that screams your favorite book or books in general. It could be fan art, a quirky book tote using plain canvas bags, a literary quote as rock art, or even a birdhouse inspired by your favorite literary home. Design your own unique bookmarks, or create literary origami masterpieces. I am leaning towards one of those book nook kits to use as decor. You know the ones I am talking about, where it is partly DIY and partly done for you?

Image by Willgard Krause from Pixabay

Walk Down the Aisles

📖🗺️ Look for and explore local libraries and bookstores, and walk down those aisles. You never know the treasures you might discover! One of my favorite ones is right around the corner – Book-Go-Round – operated by the local Friends of the Library chapter.

Explore Lit Locations

🔍📚 Find literary locations in your neighborhood, or beyond. Maybe a local park inspired an author and finds a reference in a book. Or an author’s home turned museum nearby? Take your camera and journal along with you to capture moments and memories.

For those in the San Francisco Bay Area, there are many cool literary places to explore. You can find one such list here on my blog. Also check out this post about literary tours

Or read books like The Book Lover’s Bucket List: A Tour of Great British Literature by Caroline Taggart.

Have a Literary Jam Session

🎵 Craft a fun literary playlist. Decide if you want it to be on a digital (iTunes, Spotify, Youtube) or classic media (mixtape like the days of old). Select songs that have literary references, titles that are/could be book titles, that remind you of books, or songs that you remembered when you read a book.

Here is one such list that could get you started: 13 Great Enjoyable Songs Perfect For Book Lovers

Cook up a Fictional Food Feast

☕📜 Cook up dishes and concoct potions inspired by your favorite books. Enjoy a feast straight out of literature, from Butterbeer to Turkish delights! Make them part of a wonderland tea that Alice would love! Create themed snacks inspired by stories and come up with cool names for them. Like ‘Sherlock Scones,’ ‘Winnie the Pooh Honey Pot Cookies,’ or ‘Wonka’s Chocolate Delight Bars’.

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Binge Watch: Bookish Movie Nights

🎬 I know I mentioned ‘pages instead of screens’ earlier. But you know what, extend the magic beyond the pages. Host book-to-movie nights featuring film adaptations of beloved books. Enjoy watching while eating some of those treats you cooked up earlier! Check out some of my book-movie posts below

Create Literary Lists

They can be fun, silly, serious, or just anything at all. It could be a list just like this one, or one that lists all the treats Winnie the Pooh would love to eat in the Mad Hatter’s party. Maybe a list of books you might find of Jane Austen’s bookshelf. Here are some more fun ideas for you:

  • What if Shakespeare wrote self-help books?
  • What novels would Sherlock Holmes recommend for a captivating mystery weekend?
  • Create a collection of board games inspired by Agatha Christie’s detective stories
  • If Jane Austen were a food critic, which restaurants would she give her highest praise to?
  • What would be the top 10 must-read books on Hermione Granger’s bookshelf?
  • Create a playlist for an author or a literary character. Like, if Hamlet had a Spotify playlist – what songs would be on it?
  • If Jules Verne were a gamer, what video games would he be obsessed with?

(Realistic) Goals for This Year: The Bookish Ones

  1. Well, to keep it simple, read what I want to and when I can!
  2. Write the review as soon as I read the book. But do not need to review every book I read
  3. Request for fewer books to review (well, who am I kidding? This might not happen but writing it down might control that impulse just a bit)
  4. Interview at least two each of: authors/illustrators/book bloggers.
  5. Write more book-inspired food posts and travel posts
  6. Booktok a little
  7. Get creative with bookstagram
  8. Try audiobooks (one more attempt)
  9. Check off half of those items on my bookish fun list above!
  10. Write that book!

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And Now, the End of This Post

Dear reader, what about you? What are your goals, bookish or otherwise for this year? Do you have favorite bookish treats/places/things to share? What would be your literary list?

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6 thoughts on “10 Fun Ways to Be More Bookish + Realistic Goals

  1. What fun ideas! Exploring Lit Locations is on my list of Bookish Goals for this year. I just moved to a new state and I can’t wait to check out all the new-to-me indies and libraries! Good luck with your 2024 goals!

  2. Sending fan mail is a great idea! I was actually thinking I might try to do that this year–not with the expectation of a response, but just to let the author know how much I loved their book. This was such a fun post! Good luck with your fun bookish ideas and your reading goals!

  3. We have a LFL in our neighbourhood and it is only a few blocks away from an excellent up to date library. They are an excellent way to free up space in your book shelves for new reads.
    As for getting more literary things into my life, I am having a struggle to manage my pictures and Blog posts.
    Blog on!

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