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10 Longest Children’s and YA Books That I Think You’ll Love

This week’s topic at Top Ten Tuesday over at That Artsy Reader Girl – the longest books you have read. Books here include lengths over 300 pages (and in a couple of cases, lesser, but per what might be considered longer than normal for that age-range). I am definitely not including all the longest books I have read and enjoyed but the ones that fit into these categories of children’s books and YA books as well.

Note that a couple of the books are ones you will not find in children’s or YA sections. I have included them however based on my reading experience and the comments on each book include ages where I/my kids read the books ourselves.

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Longest Children's Books

The List of 10 Longest Children’s and YA Books That I Think You’ll Love

  1. A Suitable Boy: 1474 pages: For 18+ (I read it when I was around 18 and enjoyed it then).
  2. Gone with the Wind: 1037 pages: As a 15 year old (I think) when I first read the book, I remember sitting down with the book when the movie played on TV( luckily after I had read it)
  3. The Kite Runner : 371 pages: Loved by both my son (a 15 yo who has read it twice already) and me.
  4. The Invention of Hugo Cabret: 525 pages: For 9 – 12 years (and older kids, adults too!): Love this book: it has many pages but is a quick read indeed with half the pages being simply wonderful pictures that tell stories! But note that you cannot skip those illustrations as you read. Brian Selznick’s other wonderful creations can make this list too, including Wonderstruck and The Marvells.
  5. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix: One edition shows it at 870 pages: While almost all of them count towards this, just highlighting the one with the most number of pages here.
  6. The Mysterious Benedict Society: 497 pages: For 10 – 13 years (and older kids/adults too!)
  7. Little Women: Different editions show different numbers but always higher than 300: 449 pages: A classic favorite, always, for everyone to enjoy.
  8. The Secret Garden: 331 pages: Not as lengthy as others, this is a much-loved read
  9. Wonder: 320 pages: This book is a wonder indeed by itself. For 8 – 12 years (and older too!)
  10. To Kill a Mockingbird: 336 pages: Do I need to say anything more about this book? For 12+
And I would be remiss if I did not include this one:

Richard Scarry’s Longest Book Ever

And a few for my TBR:
  • The Wee Free Men 
  • The Graveyard Book
  • A Tree Grows in Brooklyn (I am not sure if I ever read this book, have faint memories but need to get back to it and figure out for myself)
  • Watership Down 
  • The One and Only Ivan (I read a bit when my son had borrowed it from the library but then he returned it:))

Writing this post as a series for the Ultimate Blog Challenge and Write 31 Days.  31 Days, 31 Books! This is for Day Nine (on the 10th day)

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18 thoughts on “10 Longest Children’s and YA Books That I Think You’ll Love

  1. Great list. I need to work out my longest book as I thought it was Order of The Phoenix but I have seen others lists and found out that my assumption was incorrect.

    1. I love Order Of the Phoenix however, I started reading books by Rick Riordan and they are about 300 to 500 pages long. I would recommend this book for 11 – 19+.

  2. Whaaat. A suitable boy is for teens? OMG I still try reading it once in a while and fail miserably. I have been trying for the past at least 7-8 years. I love Gone with the Wind and Kite Runner though.

    1. Gayathri, thank you.. your comment gave me pause. I read the book when I was 18 and enjoyed it though it took most of my summer.. but maybe I should just put it as 18+ now that I think back on it… updating that part now..

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