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Celebrate International Day of the Girl Child With These Books

Today is International Day of the Girl Child, an international observance day declared by the UN.  While I find it sad that we still need a day like this, conversely, I am glad for a day like this – a day to increase awareness of gender issues. And hope for a day in the future when gender and race issues are a thing of the past, and we celebrate other fun days for all 🙂

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#PrettySmart, #PrettyStrong, #PrettyAmazing

That said, I discovered this wonderful book ‘Pretty‘ released for International Day of the Girl. While I am yet to read it myself, I know I will be reading it soon and loved this introduction of the book here. (which is where I found it). You can read more about it at The Pretty Conversation.

From the book description, it says : Pretty is a picture book that uses a small twist in language to make a big shift in mindsets. By letting girls know they’re valued for more than just their appearance, we’re building young girls’ self-esteem one bedtime story at a time

I believe in it myself, and as a parent of a girl who is at that age where they are wondering about how they look, placing emphasis on the fact that my little (not so much anymore) girl is #prettysmart , #prettyfunny too (or as she likes to call herself #prettysilly), #prettycreative, and a #prettygood girl overall! This book is to emphasize that pretty is more than looks, from the look of it 🙂 and I know I am going to love it, and you will too.

You can purchase the book at Amazon.  Per the information on The Pretty Conversation, part of the proceeds from this book go to Girls Inc of Metro Denver, an organization dedicated to making girls Strong, Smart, and Bold.

Real Life Inspiration


Title: Strong is the New Pretty
Author: Kate T Parker
Print Length: 256 pages
Publisher: Workman Publishing Company (March 7, 2017)
Age Range: Grades 3 – 6
Source: My library


Another accompanying book for this is the photo book ‘Strong is the New Pretty’.  It is inspiring and empowering – a collection of stunning photographs of girls at their awesomest selves – whether it be sports, academics, beating the odds of disease and disability and death even, being creative, kind, being friends. In short, the book features girls simply being themselves, having fun, and doing all that they want to do, with confidence. Short quotes from the girls accompany the photographs (some in color, some black and white) and endear you further to the concept.  The book is divided into nine different sections, like ‘Confident is Strong’, ‘Creative is Strong’, and ‘Kind is Strong’. A quote from a inspiring famous woman starts off each section. It is followed by a short introduction to that section, sometimes including a brief introduction to the girls featured there.

While the book does include many different girls doing different things, I would have definitely loved to see a more diverse set of photos. It would have been nice to see girls of all sizes, from more different nations and cultures than were included. But what the book lacks in diversity, it makes up for in inspiration. I also loved that both the photos and the quotes were as is – unedited as in not photo-shopped,  realistic, and natural.


Rating: 4/5
Reading Level: Grades 3 – 6(but all ages in my opinion)
Reread Level: Anytime you want some inspiration and lifting of your spirits

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More #Inspiration

malala's magic pencil

Title: Malala’s Magic Pencil
Author: Malala Yousafzai
Illustrator:  Kerascoet
Length: 48 pages
Publisher: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers (October 17, 2017)
Age Range: 4- 8 years
Source: My library

This book is simply beautiful in its flowing colorful illustrations, and totally inspiring in telling the story of Malala (as told by herself). Malala’s story is told here with the magic of dreams and beautiful artwork to make it accessible for the target audience – in this case, the younger kids who are picture book readers. Pick it up for yourself, or as a gift for anyone at all.

Rating: 5/5
Reading Level: 4 – 8 years old (but older kids might enjoy it too, as did I!)
Reread Level: 5/5

Order it from Book Depository

Celebrate International Day of the Girl Child With These Books – click to tweet

And Some More Books Featuring #Awesome Girls

Little Women, Anne Frank, Radical Elements, Calpurnia Tate, The Book Thief, Anne of Green Gables

Writing this post as a series for the Ultimate Blog Challenge and Write 31 Days.  31 Days, 31 Books! This is for Day Eleven (and I need to catch up on the 10th day)

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    1. Thank you Monidipa, I agree with you. While I was(am) very lucky in my family and neighborhood I grew up, free of most stereotypes, there were always some we could not escape from, and that does impact your thinking.

  1. What a great selection of books to help empower girls. We need more books to help girls see how wonderful they are and can be.

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