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10 Things That Will Make Me Want to Read a Book

This week’s topic for TTT at ThatArtsyReaderGirl is 10 Things That Will Make Me Want to Read a Book. The suggestions offered are that we can interpret this two ways. First, in a situational direction, where a situation – like a rainy day, being by the beach, or anything else – makes one want to read a book. Second, maybe something about a book draws you in, such as a trope you love, your favorite author’s new release, or a setting you’re excited about.

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10 Things That Will Make Me Want to Read a Book

  1. A childhood favorite (or who am I kidding, a favorite from any age of my life). And if it is a new/unusual/cool edition or adaptation, that works too! For eg, this graphic novel edition of Little Women or this graphic novel contemporary adaptation of the same!
  2. Any book about books or bookish things (settings, people, characters from other books, based on other books, etc, etc).
  3. Comic book/graphic novel or any such
  4. Novels-in-verse and poetry collections
  5. Historical stories (especially set in WWII, WWI, historical anytime actually, and if based on a true story, then I am sure to be even more in a rush to read it)
  6. Short story collections
  7. Books by my favorite authors
  8. Punny titles
  9. Travel books, or books where the characters travel across either the world(worlds) or even time!
  10. A memoir which combines the author’s story with one of any of the above things

10 More Things That Will Make Me Want to Read a Book

This section is all in fun, and all about fun, and mostly non-existent (or as of yet, or as far as I know, non-existent) books! But if you know of any books like the ones below, do let me know. I will be sure to grab it without a second thought!

Tasty Treasure

When the book promises a hidden treasure map within its pages, and a note on the first page that says, “You’re the chosen one. The fate of many chocolate chip cookies depends on you.” Cookies and solving a treasure map? I am definitely going to read this one…

Iconic Book

It is written entirely in emoji. While my kids keep telling me that I use the wrong emojis in response to their texts, I love putting in random emojis (and those memojis too!) in my texts! A whole book written in emojis might be challenging, but one I can’t resist. It is like solving a cryptic code (and you know I love puzzles) and reading a book all at once!

Auditory Delight

It comes with a built-in laugh track, and additional sounds too. You know those books for children that have sound-effects on any page, something like that, but more high-tech (possible with today’s technology) and smarter (AI can help, right). This means that every time I turn a page, I can hear the recorded audience laughing, applauding, gasping, wowing, aahing, or even crying! And a voice sometimes spouts the book’s own opinion on that page. It’s like a book plus show in one.

LOLs Guaranteed

The first page of the book contains a handwritten note in a quirky font that says, “Warning: Reading this book may cause uncontrollable laughter, sudden bursts of wisdom, and an irresistible urge to break into spontaneous dance.” I love to laugh, love to get wisdom hit me at random times, and dancing – of course!

Magic Within

The book comes with a complimentary bag of magical fairy dust that guarantees an enchanting reading experience. Sprinkle it on the pages for an extra dose of whatever.

Set Type Laugh

It’s written in a font specifically designed to tickle your funny bone. Prepare for a side-splitting typographic adventure!

Recipe in Rhyme

A cookbook written entirely in limericks (or other poetic format) Who needs boring recipe books when you can learn to cook in rhyme? If there’s a cookbook that combines culinary expertise with clever limericks, I’m ready to whip up some poetic masterpieces in the kitchen.

This is something i have been thinking of myself and have even experimented with it here. My book will not necessarily be in limericks but maybe a combination of many poetic forms, suited to the recipe perhaps!

Speaking of recipe in rhymes, here is someone who does them in songs, and she does so brilliantly! Today (and from my childhood), the simple curd rice (thair sadam in Tamil) is a staple part of our diet. We need it, and it almost seems to have magical qualities…

This One Gives You the Zzzzs

The book is a guide to mastering the art of napping, or maybe learning sneaky ways to nap!

For the Lazy Ones (like me)

A book which provides me with a list of excuses for avoiding exercise! After all, laughter is the best medicine, right? Kidding aside, exercise is important, but so is a good laugh! The book promises to be “Fitness with a side of humor” and if I see one, I will be sure to read it.


The book has a really cute and quirky cover (think of the cutest quirkiest cover you want) and a punny title (maybe “The Literary Chronicles: A Tale of Books and Bibliophiles” or “Bookaholics Anonymous: Confessions of a Page Addict”) as well.

And Now, the End of this Post

Dear reader, what about you? Did any of these reasons have you nodding in agreement, or elicit any other reaction? What reasons/things will be on your list?

20 thoughts on “10 Things That Will Make Me Want to Read a Book

  1. Love this post!
    For a font made to tickle your funny bone, try “The Book With No Pictures” by BJ Novak
    And the “Just Add Magic” series is a middle grade about a magical cookbook where three girls quickly discover that magic recipes can sometimes be disasterous.

    Recenly, I just read a graphic novel trilogy called “Princess Couragous” that I loved because it had many lesser known/covered classic fairytale characters in an adventurous mashup.

    Those are the only ones off the top of my head you might enjoy, but maybe I’ll write something you love someday! 😉

  2. Rainy days especially makes me want to read a book the most. Because one, I don’t like playing in the rain too much, so it’s the perfect activity when I have indoor days. Thanks so much for sharing! Such a cute post!

  3. I used to love to read but lately I haven’t picked up a book since last year and even then, I haven’t even finished it. The Viola Davis Book, maybe I’ll grab it over the weekend and finish it.

  4. I love to read. I need to find the time to do it. It relaxes me a lot and make me dream and gives me a lot of positive energy!

  5. I do love to read although I wish I had more time to. I’m into fantasy and horror although haven’t got any to read at the moment.

  6. To be honest before I really love to read books, but after the pandemic I didn’t have that much time to do reading but I would love to go back it really makes me feel like I’m at peace

  7. Wow, that’s amazing! It’s one of the most interesting topics I’ve ever heard about! The information you provided is beneficial. Thanks for sharing it with me.

  8. There really is nothing better than a good book and I especially love finding a good series where I can keep the good reads flowing! You are making me want to lay in my hammock and ready all day long today!

  9. I really enjoyed your article on the 10 things that will make you want to read a book! Your insights were spot-on and provided valuable guidance for book enthusiasts. From captivating book covers and intriguing blurbs to recommendations from trusted sources, your list encompassed a wide range of factors that can pique readers’ interest. Your emphasis on diverse genres, engaging storytelling, and relatable characters was particularly insightful. Thank you for sharing these compelling reasons that will undoubtedly inspire readers to pick up a book and embark on new literary adventures!

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