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13 Things to Love About Fall

It is fall!! And there are so many things to love about fall. So many reasons to favor it, and so many ways to savor it as well!

As a young girl, I loved the summer. Well, it was vacation time after now, and growing up in a sleepy town in the middle of nowhere, it meant long lazy days where I could read, or spend time with friends just chatting, or climbing up my favorite tree and staying there to stay cool. And this was if we chose to stay home for the summer. For those other summers that we ventured out of our sleepy town, it meant long lazy days, climbing trees, and spending time with cousins at one of my grandparents’ place instead!! But now, fall is slowly becoming my favorite (or already is) season and here is my list of

13 Things to Love About Fall

  1. Fabulous Fall Festivals: Navaratri or Dussera, Diwali, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Karthigai, and more!
  2. The Colors of Fall, of course.. Even here, where we don’t get that stunning fall foliage the East Coast is fortunate to have, we still manage to see just enough of the beaufitul colors of fall all around us
  3. That Crisp Air and That Perfect Weather. Fall brings out the Goldilocks in me and maybe in all of us, for it is neither too hot nor too cold, but hits that sweet spot of just right! And the crisp air invites us to get out and do a lot of
  4. walking and hiking!!
  5. Before the kids were of school age, and before kids, we found that fall is the perfect time for travel. The busy-ness of summer travel has waned off and the crowds lessened, but the weather, as I mentioned earlier, is just right! So we love to travel during this season. Even with the kids (now teens) at school, we take every opportunity we can (long weekends and all that) to plan and take short trips.
  6. Fall Flavors and Scents. Even if I am not a big fan of pumpkin spice, I do love the smell. And then all those all other heavenly flavors and scents as well that fill the air around this season, thanks to all those delicious
  7. Fall Foods, including those for the festivals, and those that are seasonal (like pumpkin spice). And once we have the dishes prepared, it is time to be
  8. Enjoying an early dinner in the backyard with family and friends or cozying up inside for a nice long one. Depending on the meal, if it is a lazy brunch, or an early dinner, we can enjoy a
  9. drink that pairs well with the meal (or anything else, simply because!) It could be hot chocolate, warm cider, a cuppa joe, or of course, that cup of khadak chai. All of these seem to take on a unique fall flavor (even without adding any pumpkin spice or cinnamon or etc… to it). After having indulged in food and drinks, we can settle down for
  10. Family (and friend) nights with board games and movies and popcorn and more. And the next morning,
  11. sleeping in seems so right to do!! Plus, that weather, and those
  12. Foggy mornings that make it all so dreamy and perfect for staying in while looking out at those dreamy views.
  13. And then there is reading! Fall is so very perfect for reading, right!??

And last but not least, a few birthdays that make this time more special. For instance, October 6th – my dad’s birthday, and while I miss him and celebrate him everyday, days like his birthday give me more reason to do so.

image is of a park in fall. with golden autumnal colors all around and leaves on the ground. Pin title says - 13 Things to Love About Fall

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And Now, the End of This Post

Dear reader, so these are the things I love about fall! What about you? Do you love fall? If yes, what are some of the things that you enjoy about it? Is fall your favorite festival? Or some other one takes the top spot? I would love to hear from you.

5 thoughts on “13 Things to Love About Fall

  1. Fall is my favorite season because of the brisk air and fresh picked apples! I love making apple crisp and dehydrated apples. I miss the changing of the leaves being I the south but can hike the tequila that leas to the beach.

  2. Like you, when I was growing up, summer was my favorite season. I was always out of school and my birthday is in August. Then I spent the bulk of my adult years working in a school system, so summer continued to be my season of choice. However, now that I no longer work for anyone and classes can be completed online, Fall is my favorite season. I share numbers 2 and 9 with you.

  3. I couldn’t agree with you more! We are leaving the desert and heading East – one of the things I most look forward to is the change of seasons. Lovely post – thank you!

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