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Five for Friday: The Flowers Make Us Happy Edition

This is a post that I came up with, inspired by other similar posts (including this series on NPR). And if you want to play along, you can do so too!! If there is enough interest, I can start up a linky but until then, just link up in the comments for the post. This is my first Five for Friday with the theme that flowers make us happy. And of course, they do! They brighten our lives, they fill it with colors and fragrances. Flowers are so delicate, yet so very powerful too!

For today’s post, I am featuring five different pics I took of flowers (some recent, others not so recent)..and let me tell you, I have way too many photos of flowers (just my roses will attest to that, if they could!).

So here it is, my very first Five for Friday:

The Flowers Make Us Happy Edition

From the roses blooming in my garden, or rather, from one among the many that keep blooming and cheering us all through the year

to these flowers my husband got to spruce up our Navaratri Golu last weekend (and they are still going strong and beautiful and keeping us smiling each time we look at them)

From these flowers that I saw blooming in our neighborhood (I researched these flowers for another earlier post, and reverse image search revealed that this is called the Golden Wattle, and so very aptly too!)

to the surprising beauty of the mint blooms

and to the lotus (again, one among many!) adorning the pond in front of the Buddha statue at Sarnath

And Now, the End of This Post

Dear reader, what is your favorite from among these flowers of the flowers make us happy edition today? Do share your favorite quote about flowers and/or your favorite flower foto!

Note: regarding the Five for Friday posts, I hope to make it a bi-weekly feature, so the next one will be on the 22nd of October. Plan is to to make it a ‘film-y’ edition.

6 thoughts on “Five for Friday: The Flowers Make Us Happy Edition

  1. I have to agree on that one as I absolutely enjoy the beauty of flowers in the local park and on the streets in shared places of our condo. Flowers fill my heart with ease and joy

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