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L is Laughter: L is for Life of Pi, Lanturne and Localization

My theme: something about books, something about poetry, and something about tech – QA in specific. And L is Laughter: L is for Life of Pi, Lanturne and Localization
Life of Pi Lanturne Localization
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Entertainment Corner

L is Laughter: L is for Life of Pi

I had two choices (well, more than two actually, but these were the top two) for this letter. And my first choice was Little Women, but then I am running late like the Rabbit in Alice, and playing catch up on this challenge. So I decided to reuse content I already had on my blog and go with my second choice – Life of Pi.  I wrote a Book Vs Movie post for Life of Pi earlier! So I am using excerpts from that post here and you can click hereto read it in entirety.

The Book:

This book is definitely one of those books I wanted to keep reading. I think I kind of felt like the shah must have felt when Scheherazade stopped one of her Arabian night tales whenever I had to put the book down for something else.

The visuals I made up in my head as I read the book left me wonder-struck – Yann Martel’s vivid descriptions of the beauty of nature – real and imagined – are so detailed and, well, vivid, that it was not hard to come up with images as we read. This also meant that the darker, gorier aspects of the book were also described and imagined as vividly.

The Movie:

Stunning visuals, a couple of deviations from the book (like a love interest for the teenage Pi), an attempt to keep the dark side and gore of the book to a minimum (this was maybe to keep the PG rating of the movie), wonderful acting by each and every character (including the animals), and once again STUNNING VISUALS make this movie a must-watch.

The Question: The Book or the Movie:

When you see the ratings for the book and the movie on my original book vs movie post for Life of Pi, you will see the book has an A+ and the movie an A-. So you know the answer to this question – both wonderful, but the book…..

You can vote below:

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To order the book and/or the movie, click on the links below:

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Movie:  Amazon||  Target|| Barnes and Noble 


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Poetry Corner

L is Laughter: L is for Lanturne

What is the lanturne?

The lanturne is a relatively new poetic form from Japan. It is a shape poem and derives its name from the shape that appears when the poem is center aligned – a lantern. Like many other forms from Japan, this poem has a fixed syllable count for each line.

Like the haiku, it is very short; and challenges the writer to use the words that not only help express their ideas and make the intended impact but words that have the right amount of characters to lend that lantern shape when centered.

How to write the lanturne?

The lanturne personalizes and/or reimagines a single object, a feeling or an idea. It has five lines with a syllable structure of one, two, three, four, and one syllable per line. Since the idea is that each line of the poem can stand on its own, you could have the format of the lanturne as below:

  • Line one – one syllable – the central idea/theme of the poem – could be a noun, a verb, …
  • Lines two through four – two through four syllables – describe/expand the theme
  • Line five – one syllable – a word related to the central idea – could be a synonym, or something that brings to mind the first word
So, the lanturne:
  • has 5 lines
  • is syllabic, with syllable structure – 12341
  • center aligning this poem lends it the shape of the Japanese lantern – hence the name
  • Each line is able to stand on its own
  • While the poem may or may not be given a title, the title of a lanturne sometimes functions as an integral part of the poem, working as a ‘sixth’ line
My example lanturne:

(this one shows one of my weaknesses!)

– ©2019 Vidya Tiru/LadyInRead@LadyInReadWrites

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QA Corner

L is Laughter: L is for Localization Testing

What is Localization Testing?

Simply put – Localization testing checks how well any software (be it a product, an application, a website, a game, etc) has been translated into a particular target language.

This is critical today’s scenario where software users are spread across the world; and if they cannot understand the website, then it simply does not serve its purpose (duh, obviously, you say?!)

For any software to be localized, there are many things that need to fall into place and be considered. Localization testing needs to ensure that everything is correct, consistent, and coherent; and that the linguistic, stylistic, and cultural specifications of the target locale/region have been met by the software. Some languages are written from right to left, some regions might have different age specifications for games or website content based on their culture, certain words/characters might not get translated easily to the target language and those need to be considered; and so on and so forth.

This makes it doubly(more than) important that localization is done correctly and tested efficiently so users have a seamless, wonderful experience of using whatever they are using.

Further Reading Resources (just a couple):

Wrapping up the L post

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11 thoughts on “L is Laughter: L is for Life of Pi, Lanturne and Localization

  1. I read Life of Pi first and saw the movie years later. I prefer the story in the book and felt like something was missing at the end of the movie… But the visuals and the music! Wow, really love it

    Also, thanks for sharing your explanation about the other 2 L. Must say I learnt something today!

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