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Blogger Recognition Award

As part of working on a challenge these past few weeks, I joined a few different blogging groups and in the process, made so many new blogger friends, along with reconnecting with friends I made before. And it has been a wonderful time interacting with all of them. During this challenge, I also received a sweet surprise – a Blogger Recognition Award! 
Thank you so much to Marcia from Trendy Simple Life for nominating me for the Blogger Recognition Award! It is always even more special when bloggers we enjoy reading recognize us 🙂 It inspires me to be a better blogger! I am so grateful for the support and encouragement I receive from the blogging community. Please know that your support is truly valuable and valued!
  • Thank the blogger who nominated you
  • Write a post to show your award
  • Give a brief story of how your blog started
  • Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers
  • Select 15 other bloggers you want to give this award to
  • Comment on each blog and let them know you’ve nominated them, and provide a link to the post you’ve created

The Story of My Blog:

I had a free blog with blogger for the longest of times and my initial blog started out as my spot for my R&R – you could interpret it in its traditional full-form or my very own ‘Raving and Ranting’!

To Niche or Not To Niche?? This is a question I ask myself often. But I know I will truly be me only if I write about all the varied passions and interests I have.

So in my first blog, I wrote about books, reading, travel, parenting, and shared recipes, tips, my attempts at poetry and art/photography, among other things.  A little over a year ago, I decided I needed to get my own domain and this blog was born with the tagline – a blog(ful) of niches!!

I hope you, my readers – who come to my blog either by chance or because you love to – leave happier and smarter, and with a desire to return again and return soon because it feels like home!!

My Two Cents:

First I need to say, I loved Marcia’s advice on her Award post – to actively engage with the community and to totally enjoy what we are doing as bloggers. I agree with her totally (and that reminds me that I have a lot of comments to respond to right here on my blog as well as catch up with bloggers who I have not for a while in this past month of writing everyday)

And my two cents of advice (that I need to keep in mind as well!):

Don’t Give Up – Hope Springs Eternal! So keep doing what you are doing, learning each step of the way, and you will find yourself farther ahead than you were before!!

Pause When You Need to and Stop to Smell the Roses – Just what it says. When you need to take a break, don’t feel guilty about it. Just step away, smell those roses that were waiting for you, and you will return refreshed, reinspired!

And here are the awardees!!:

For those of you who have been nominatedawarded earlier (for this or other awards!), oops, I did it again! And for those of you who I have not visited for a while or commented on posts, please forgive me and do know your writing inspires me everyday.

For all of you, thank you for the inspiration and the support, and here are my nominations, awardees,  in alphabetical order of their first names!

As I wrote this post, I also had a peek into my previous awards (here and here) and bloggers who I nominated then, and realized it has been a while since I visited some of them 🙂 so I will be spending the next few days interacting with friends (old and new) from the blogging community..



16 thoughts on “Blogger Recognition Award

  1. Congrats on the award and thanks for the mention! I totally agree with you about needing to take a break. I was on vacation for most of August and I was stressing about not posting. I realized that I need to take a break and just enjoy my vacation! My blog will always be there!

  2. WOW how exciting to be awarded this by you! It may take me a little extra time to gety thoughts together but I’ll get with it! Thanks again for thinking ofy blog! 🤗🤗

  3. Congratulations on your nomination! And to all the other nominees! I love your two cents of advice. You really do have to keep going and not give up on yourself or your blog to see it grow!

  4. Thanks for the nomination Vidya! And great advice for new bloggers – and veteran bloggers too, I’ve been blogging for a while now but I could definitely benefit from taking a step back every now and then to stop and smell the roses. I’ve found that when I take a break I can come back fresh and get more done than I could have if I try to keep pushing through despite needing to pause.

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