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What I Learned from Another Blogging Challenge

Almost a week later, but I finally did complete the October Ultimate Blog Challenge. and this post is to wrap it all with a few notes on What I Learned from Another Blogging Challenge

What I Learned from Another Blogging Challenge

So What Did I Learn from this Blogging Challenge?

Life has its ways of changing our priorities and listen to what life has to say to you, always. In my case, this meant family, tradition, friends and I needed a bit of time and attention from each other.

But life also gives you the energy and the determination to go on, in so many different ways. Family, friends including the wonderful friends in the blogging community, and your own strength (that you might not know you have) all provide the strength and inspiration so you can keep going.

Well that is all for today, for more lessons I learned, you can also check out 3 Lessons Learned from 31 Days of Blogging and My UBC Journey – Blogs Discovered and Lessons Learned


So here I am, writing a wrap-up post for the challenge and working on a #gratitude30 day challenge this month on Instagram here. Check it out and join me and others in this!

The gratitude challenge is something that inspires me to look at what I am grateful for proactively and differently, and while I believe in gratitude everyday, I am enjoying the challenge too as it provides a means to do that with a wonderful online community (just like this challenge). And I know that I am certainly grateful for the wonderful blogging community!!

Here are the links for all 31 days below. And thank you to all of you who kept me going with your support!

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