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Books With Questions in Titles: One Great List for You!

There are so many amazing books whose titles ask questions, or rather so many books with questions in titles. Which is why I decided to (finally) pick book series where most of the book titles are questions. Could be a How, What, When, Where, Who, Which, or Why! Also may contain Can, May, Shall, Could, Would, Should, Will, and More!

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Books With Questions in Titles

All the Wrong Questions (in Titles)!

I discovered one of the books in this series, much to my delight, at a local Goodwill store. And was thrilled to discover it is part of a series.

Series Info: All the Wrong Questions by Lemony Snicket

Book Description: Long ago, before you were born unless you are very old, in a town you have never been to unless you were very desperate, some events occurred that you should not know about. Lemony Snicket was there. He was almost thirteen, and he asked all the wrong questions. His findings have been published in four volumes

Always in My Heart

An adorable series for parents and the littlest (and not so little too) readers that I have featured many a time here, for various celebrations through the year. Some of the books in the Always in My Heart series include:

Another adorable series like this one is this How To series that includes books titled How to Babysit a Grandma and How to Raise a Mom

Dale Carnegie’s How To Books

The How To set of book titles are questions of course and while I don’t think they are a series per se, Dale Carnegie wrote this set of books I am talking about here. So maybe they qualify as a series? Let me know what you think, but I do know these books have served as invaluable guides to many over the years.

I have read quite a few of them and have copies of at least three of these books here at home. Here are the ones I loved and learned from:

Dinosaurs! How Do Dinosaurs…?

Jane Yolen’s book series have the funnest questions in titles for sure! How can any book title questioning how dinosaurs do stuff not be fun? Or rather how can the books themselves not be fun, right? Well, of course, these books are really loads of fun and I recall reading many of them for/with my kids when they were younger.

I think I have a couple of the books in the series at home (somewhere) while the rest, we borrowed from our favorite local library (all of our local libraries are our favorites!). Have you read these books? Which one is your favorite?

Check out the whole How Do Dinosaurs…? series here to gift or to get for yourselves! Our family favorite is the very first one in the series, and I think, the most popular of the lot – How Do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight?

The How to Catch Series

I have mentioned a couple of the books in this series where there are the most adorable questions in titles! Ranging from how to catch a unicorn to how to catch a yeti.. you get the gist, it is a How to Catch series.

How to Draw Cool Stuff

This is a really cool series, much like the title says. Check out my review of one of the books here. Like I mentioned in my review, every book in the How to Draw Cool Stuff series is an amazing resource with so much to offer for artists at all levels: from the beginner to the serious artist. So be sure to get a hold of this series for the artists in your life.

The Power to Choose Series

This is an empowering series that answers the question: What Should Danny/Darla Do? As the description says, written in a “Choose Your Own Story” style, the books follow Danny and Darla, as they encounter choices that kids face on a daily basis. Check out The Power to Choose series here.

Another powerful self-help series for kids with a similar premise is the

What-to-Do Guides for Kids

I loved the couple of books I read from this series a few years ago. Each book tackles a different issue and provides step-by-step guidelines for kids, as well as information for parents and caregivers to work with kids so they can deal with the same and gain confidence with positive change.

Description from Amazon: What-to-Guides for Kids are interactive self-help books designed to guide 6–12 year olds and their parents through the cognitive-behavioral techniques most often used in the treatment of various psychological concerns. Engaging, encouraging, and easy to follow, these books educate, motivate, and empower children to work towards change.

What to Expect Series

Who has not heard of this series of What to Expect books? I had the first book in this series ever-ready on my bed-stand when I was first expecting, and referred to it many times. I then borrowed the next one as well from a friend for the first year of my first-born. They are really useful for new parents and make a great gift for baby showers still.

Where’s Waldo?

I am sure many have read and enjoyed books from the Where’s Waldo? series. I have heard many use this phrase to look for random people they know in crowds or for fun scavenger hunts they want to do on the fly too!

Who Was?

This series of book titles are questions answering who someone is/was. Who Was? is for young readers and includes at this time over 200 books in the series. They may look and feel like mini-biographies for mini-readers, but they contain a lot of information within! I have read so many of them in the past few years and learned a lot from them. You will not be disappointed.

You Choose: Survival

The question in the titles of these books is: Can You Survive…. xyz? Each book is an interactive survival adventure where readers choose what they would do as they face various obstacles in different scenarios like the wilderness, being lost at sea, an earthquake, and more. I do enjoy ‘choose your own adventure’ type of books.

And Now, the End of This ‘Questions in Titles’ Post

Dear reader, have you read any of the books with questions in titles? In any of these series? Which ones are your favorites? And which ones would you pick for yourself or a loved one? Which books with questions in titles would you recommend (either stand alone or series)? Do let me know.

photo of the pages of an open book lying flat on a surface and pin title says Books With Questions in Titles: One Great List for You!

This post goes towards Top Ten Tuesday hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl. This week’s topic is Throwback freebie so I picked a topic I missed earlier – and not sure how I missed it – book titles that are questions.

5 thoughts on “Books With Questions in Titles: One Great List for You!

  1. I hadn’t heard of the all the wrong questions books – I’ll have to check those out with my kiddos. We love the Who Was ___ / What Was ___ series. Thank you for sharing this list!

  2. This is fascinating, Vidya. Although I’ve read Dale Carnegie’s How to win friends and influence people, and some others, I never thought about looking at books with questions as titles. Thanks for bringing this to the forefront of my mind.

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