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Weaving Wor(l)ds of Whimsy and Full of Wonder

“What’s life without whimsy?” asked The Big Bang Theory’s character Dr Sheldon Cooper. And I agree with Dr Cooper! What, indeed, is life without whimsy?

I love the word ‘whimsy!’ It ends up on my blog many a times in one form or the other, sometimes plain ‘whimsy,’ at others ‘whimsical,’ or even just a ‘whim!’ I have described many books as whimsical, whole books themselves, and sometimes just the dreamy, quirky artwork, and at other times, the creative musical narrative.

It is not always books that I find this quality in though, for we see it everywhere around us. In the fanciful details of a sculpture or the playfulness of hummingbirds in the garden. We see it in the lighthearted banter of young ones and in the eccentric anythings our eyes land upon during walks. And in so many other innumerable ways.

Join me as I explore whimsy some more.

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What is Whimsy?

Whimsy is one of my favorite words! And it is actually a hard-to-define word, it is kind of whimsical that way!

Whimsy, by definition, refers to a playful or fanciful quality, often characterized by a lighthearted or quirky sense of humor, creativity, or imagination. It can manifest in various forms, such as in literature, art, or behavior, and is typically associated with spontaneity and a sense of delight or amusement. Whimsical things often have an element of unexpectedness or unpredictability that adds to their charm.


The word itself is whimsical!

Creating Wor(l)ds of Whimsy

I had written this poem (a slightly different version) earlier and part of this whole post as well but today seemed to be the day it was destined to be posted.

And when I saw dVerse’s Poetic prompt, I had to somehow incorporate this beautiful line from Sarah Connor’s poem into mine. So I added more lines, rewrote it a bit to weave in the magic of Sarah’s line from her poem ‘Cliff-Dweller’: “Some days I can set myself adrift in space. In time.”

Dwelling Places

Where do I dwell?

Sometimes in the pages of books I read,
In stories where magic and wonder breed.
At others, in dreams I weave so light,
In moonlit gardens on a starry night.

Sometimes in whimsical worlds I pen,
Once upon a wonderful when.
There are days I float free in unknown skies,
On the power of wheres and whys

Beyond the horizon, where rainbows blend,
And time feels like an old, dear friend.
At others, I find myself in the next door afar,
In teacup boats or candy cars

But always, always, my favorite place to be,
Is wherever my loved ones surround me.

~ Vidya Tiru @ LadyInReadWrites

How to Add it in Your Life?

Adding whimsy to life can bring joy and a sense of wonder. You can do so with simple stuff, like the ones below:

Art and Crafts

Set aside some time for creative activities like painting, drawing, or crafting. You can express yourself however you wish – be it playful or pensive, heartfelt or humorous. No matter what, art can make your day better.

And of course, add a bit of whimsy to whatever you create – like a little delight for others to discover maybe, or even the whole work itself. You can also create something whimsical like a fairy house for your garden or a colorful mural.

art i attempted a while ago (need to rework it a bit)

Attend Fun Events

Look for local events, fairs, or festivals that are quirky and unique. When you pick something offbeat and different, it is bound to be a refreshing break from routine.

Decorate Your Spaces

Add whimsical touches to your home or workspace. Consider fairy lights, fun wall art, colorful and fun cushions, or unique furniture pieces. I totally am in love with this Cherry Blossom Bonsai Tree lamp and wouldn’t mind being my own kind of mermaid.

Incorporate bright, cheerful colors like yellow into your living space(i have a yellow wall, one rust-colored wall, one lavender, one pale green, one pink, and one baby blue wall plus more in my home!) to create a lively atmosphere.

Include whimsical touches to your garden with wild flower patches, hummingbird feeders, cool decorations, lights, and perhaps a few gnome and other statues.

Embrace Spontaneity

Allow yourself to be spontaneous and go with the flow. Sometimes the most whimsical moments come from unplanned experiences.

Engage in Play

Play games, whether board games, video games, or outdoor activities. Playfulness can bring a sense of lightheartedness and enjoyment.


Spend time outdoors and appreciate the little wonders of nature. Look for unusual plants, interesting insects, or beautiful landscapes. Explore a new park, visit a quirky museum, or take a spontaneous road trip to a nearby town.

photo by me at a local hiking trail

Fun Food

Experiment with fun recipes. Create themed meals, bake colorful cookies, or try your hand at making unusual but delicious dishes.

Play with Fashion

Experiment with your wardrobe. Wear bright colors (like your favorite yellow, well mine!), quirky accessories, or mix-and-match patterns. While I don’t have much of a fashion sense, I do love to wear certain bright colors and quirky accessories every so often.

Random Acts of Surprises

Surprise friends, family, or strangers with small, thoughtful gestures. This can bring unexpected joy and whimsy to both your life and theirs. Leave little surprises for yourself or others. It could be a note, a small gift, or an unexpected treat.

Read (and Write) for Fun

Dive into whimsical books or stories that transport you to fantastical worlds. Reading can be a delightful escape from reality. Bookspeak is a book of poems that can help you get started. Or you can read this poem I wrote a while ago!

Experiment with writing. Check out the whimsiverse or the Clerihew (July 10th happens to be Clerihew Day)

Themed Days

Designate certain days for specific themes, like a “Dress Like a Character” day or a “Backwards Day” where you do everything backward.

Try New Things

Step out of your comfort zone and try activities you’ve never done before. It could be something adventurous like skydiving (not sure if I would do this but would definitely try paragliding sometime soon!) or something simple like cooking a new recipe.

And Now, the End of This Post

Dear reader, what is your definition and opinion of whimsy? What aspects of whimsy do you enjoy most, and how do you like to incorporate it into your life?

photo taken by me window shopping in NYC a few years ago

6 thoughts on “Weaving Wor(l)ds of Whimsy and Full of Wonder

  1. Thank you for joining us with this delightfully whimsical poem, Vidya. I love the way you wove in the ‘magic of Sarah’s line’, the title, the question and answer format, the gentle rhyming, and the phrase ‘once upon a wonderful when’.

  2. I love this! It’s so important to make sure we’re making room for fun and whimsey in our lives. Great list – I’ve been planning to send friends random handmade surprises now for too long. I need to get on that!

  3. Whimsy really adds a special touch to life. The tips on adding whimsy to our daily routines, like decorating with fairy lights and trying new things are interesting. Thanks for the great ideas!

  4. Quite an interesting take on whimsy on different aspects and love that we need a little bit of whimsical bit on our life.

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