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Five Fabulous and Fun Ways For Gifting Books

February 14th is Valentine’s Day, yes, but it is also International Book Giving Day. And for me, a book makes for a great gift any day of the year. So I love these upcoming holiday that celebrate love and the idea of giving books! If you are thinking of celebrating with books, then here are five fabulous and fun ways for gifting books that I hope you will love and use.

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Fabulous and Fun Ways For Gifting Books

First, the Books Themselves

Picking a book for someone can be easy and hard! As a booklover, I tend to get excited whenever I receive a book as a gift, regardless of the book itself (and sometimes, even when I have the book already and I love it!)

If you need hints for books, or more gifts, you can check out any bookish post on my blog! And definitely check out the Related Reads section below for ideas for books and other bookish gifts (including wonderful Valentine’s Day books for kids!)

The All-Knowing One

If you know the recipient well, you could pick something you know they will love (and also that they don’t have already maybe).

A Mystery-Treat

You could go to the bookstore and pick up one of those mystery book dates. You might know what I am talking about, where books are pre-wrapped for you in plain brown paper or something similar, and you have no idea what the books within might be! So it will be a surprise not just for the recipient of the bookish gift, but also to the giver (in this case, you!). I have seen my local used bookstore offer this option with seasonal themes, so maybe there is a hint somewhere there, but I hope to pick up a mystery-gift for myself the next time I go there.

A Book Shared Is A Book…

Of course, you can choose to give gently-used books, or rather donate your own books, if you wish. Maybe you have read them and know you have many others waiting to take their place on the shelf; or you never read them for some reason, but know others will enjoy them. So go ahead and find a better use for them – on someone else’s bookshelf (or well, being read by someone else!).


You can also think about other options, like audiobooks/e-books/a gift card for a bookstore/a book subscription/even a library card (if for some weird reason, they don’t already have one).

A Method to the Magnificentness

There can be a method to the “magnificent-/mad/-ness” of giving your gift too! Make it a scavenger hunt game for the recipient, or write a puzzle/riddle for them to find out what/where their gift is.

Creative Wrapping

You can go the simple route, and put it in a giftbag you already have, and go green at the same time by reusing. Or you can still be green, and use the furoshiki method of gift wrapping. Use a bookish scarf, or a bookish t-shirt like this one or maybe one of these cool literary t-shirts to stylishly wrap the book in.

You could also get a fancy book tote so they now have a way to carry more books with them!

Make it Special

Add to the book by giving a bookmark or a book dart maybe; you could add on a pen (to write their name on the book, and if they choose to, then of course, make notes on it too, or add a reading light for them.

What Else?

Putting everything else that I can think of, which either doesn’t fit it any of the above or can be in more than one of the above here in this ‘what else?’ section.

What About a Book Nook?

Or this jigsaw puzzle for in between books..!

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And Now, the End of This Post

Dear reader, hope you enjoyed this list of ideas for gifting books (my favorite type of gift anytime!). And I would love to hear your suggestions and ideas as well. Which one is your favorite idea of the lot?

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13 thoughts on “Five Fabulous and Fun Ways For Gifting Books

  1. For me the book is a the best gift, never mind the cliché. I like creative wrapping for it as well but my favorite are the books shared for emotions and perspective, whta touches me most is “I’ve been reading this book and I thought you’d like as well”.

  2. What fun ways to gift books! I love books and they are such a great treat. I will have to think about some of these ideas for friends and family.

  3. I love all these great ideas. Next time I gift a book I’m going to try one of these. I love the creative wrapping ideas.

  4. What a fun idea to wrap a teacher gift in a literary t-shirt. I have a literary tote bag one of my students gifted me once and it’s one of my all-time favorite gifts.

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