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21 Great Gifts For the Poetry Lover In Your Life

I picked the number 21 not because I have only 21 gifts that will work; but because the 21st of March is World Poetry Day. As someone who loves reading and writing in all its forms, including poetry, of course, receiving literary gifts always thrill me. And I know I am just a teeny bit more passionate in looking for gifts when I find someone who will enjoy such a gift!! I am sure each of you will either have one such someone in your life (maybe yourself). So today’s post brings you a list of 21 great gifts for the poetry lover in your life.

This post contains Amazon and other affiliate links, that at no additional cost to you, I may earn a small commission. Please see the full disclosure for more information. I only recommend products I would (or have already) use myself.

21 Great Gifts For the Poetry Lover In Your Life

21 Great Gifts For the Poetry Lover In Your Life

1. The Poetry Manifesto Inspirational Print 

Lend your favorite poet (or yourself) some additional inspiration with this poetry manifesto. They can frame it and have it right in front of them as they go about their poeting. Positive poetic affirmations for always.

2. Write Your Own Poems

Here’s a book to write home about and to write in—whether you’re just learning what a limerick is or you’re ready for experiments like erasing your way to a poem. Full of fun questions and inspiring examples (as well as links to listen to examples of poems read aloud), it’s also got plenty of places left to write in. When your young author is finished, they will likely want to hold on to this one for posterity (also known as “When I’m a famous poet!”). Made in the UK.

3. Poet’s Notebook: Inspiration, Techniques, and Advice on Craft

This notebook is part journal, part muse, and part reference book. It includes quotes from poets, fun exercises, and definitions sprinkled throughout. In addition, the backmatter includes more information on various poetry forms and devices. So The Poet’s Notebook is definitely a great gift for that poet who needs inspiration, and also for those who simply love writing poetry.

4. Magnetic Poetry

I have a few of these magnetic kits at home; and tbh, the kids play with it more often than I use it for inspiration. They are teens now and still do! It is fun to see new six word stories pop up every so often; and usually aimed at mom or dad 🙂 So I can guarantee that these will be used for sure. The how is up to the recipient of this fun Magnetic Poetry kit.

There are so many more options available for this; one for any type of inspiration you need. Be it Shakespeare, or the movies, or even swear words;

5. And Then There Are These Little Boxes

Little boxes of happiness, love, awesome, and more. Each of them bound to get you or the poet you gift it to in the right mood. These word magnet sets are the perfect way to fill someone with happiness, or let them know they are loved, or awesome! You can mix and match them as desired, as there are nice and naughty little boxes too! You can check them out for yourself here.

And some more things to set up the ambience just right?

6. Candles Are Always Wonderful

These scented Poetry Candles look (and smell) wonderful; and the printed poems on them make them the perfect gift for that poet in your life. Light one up and create the right atmosphere to write poems!

7. Throw Pillows For Comfort

I love how throw pillows can instantly both cozy up a space and make it pretty. And this one that says Poetry is My Therapy is certainly cool, as are a few of the others.

8. A Pillow Means a Blanket Too?

We have throw blankets of all sizes and sorts all over the house; so we can easily snuggle in to watch a show after dinner, or simply to chat; or each of us do our own thing. And this one with a vintage typewriter looks perfect for the writer and/or poet in our lives. (I think I need one more blanket at home!)

Now that you have the ambience, the inspiration, and the paper to write your poems in, you need the tools to write those poems too, right?

9. Wordsworth & Black Fountain Pen Set

Do you recall writing with fountain pens back in school? Or do you write with them now? Or maybe you have not had the experience? Well, I did use them and loved writing with fountain pens. We had the Hero brand that was the most popular one when I was at school in India; and recall I had at least four pens, one each for black, blue, green, and red inks. And it was truly a pleasure to write with them. I know I want to relive that experience; and maybe the poet/writer friend (or yourself) will love it too. So this Wordsworth & Black Fountain Pen set makes for a great gift. I love that it comes with 6 cartridges, a refill converter, and in a beautiful gift case.

Addendum: To my delight, the Hero pens are available on Amazon as well, so I might end up getting those for myself.

10. Or Maybe Pencils Are Your/Their Thing

And if you or the recipient are the type who prefers pencils instead, then you/they will need a place to hold all the pencils. This Hemingway Pencil Cup does double duty: inspires and holds all the writing utensils. And it is cool looking too, right?!

Maybe Dressing the Part Will Help Some More?

11. PoeT-shirt

Lots of options for customized t-shirts or ones with quotes on them, ranging from the funny to the cool to the inspirational. This one with a quirky definition is just one such example.

12. Maya Angelou “Still I Rise” Scarf

Uncommon Goods always has wonderful selections; and this beautiful cotton scarf featuring Maya Angelou is no different. “Leaving behind nights of terror and fear / I rise / Into a daybreak that’s wondrously clear / I rise.”

13. An Accessory, So to Say

Cute or beautiful or pretty jewelry is always great, right? You can gift her this 24″ Writing Necklace with a Fill Your Paper Wordsworth Literary Quote; or you can gift him cool cuff links with the quote Carpe Diem

Sustenance is Always Necessary

14. Can You Go Wrong With a Mug?

This one is from CafePress, and is aptly called the Famous Poets Mug. Keats, Blake, Bronte, Poe, Shakespeare are among the poets included on this mug.

15. Or One More Mug?

You could easily pick this mug that speaks truth; or any one of the other poetry based mugs that I found on Amazon and elsewhere. Amanda Gorman’s The Hill We Climb is a popular theme for these gifts; as is Poe.

16. Maybe a Tea Person

If you are going to go the teabag route, then this Hot-tea Cup works perfectly with a little pocket to hold the bag. And if you’re gifting this tea cup, then also including Novel Teas will round this gift out just right.

Or one could sneak in a little cookie there maybe, and use tea made any way you do, or you could check out the next item on this list to gift along with a tea cup.

17. A Spot of Tea

How cool (well, hot) are these tea drops?! While I prefer to make my cup of chai the traditional way each morning, I know I would love to have these handy for those times when we need tea instantly, and without the fuss around it. It is so simple, just drop those tea drops into hot water, and you have tea ready to savor. And I know many who would appreciate these as well.

So let us say the poet is you. You have the ambience, inspiration, the tools, and sustenance; the poems are written. What next?

18. A Poem Itself

You can gift a poem you wrote to the poet you know! It will charm them for sure. But if you are not the one writing poems, just pick the poet’s favorite poem (or even one they have written earlier), and gift it to them. There are so many ways you can do so. Here are a few options:

  • Make a photo-word canvas print, with the poem and a photo or photo collage with the recipient in it
  • Or get a custom t-shirt, blanket, scarf, etc made with the poem printed on it
  • Put together a photo album and use the poem as the cover or a central focus elsewhere
  • Or you could create a short video montage with a recording of the poem as its audio
  • And then you could share any of these options above on social media (if both you and the receiver are OK with it, of course!)

Option ideas inspired by this article

And You Could Make it Extra Special With These Other Items

19. William Shakespeare’s Bard of Soap 

A totally wacky gift idea but one that will delight anyone!

All’s well that cleanses well when you use this mini-soap for people with a Groats-Worth of Witte. Not tested on beasts. That is what this product’s description says and while I am yet to try it for myself, it has great reviews. I have given such items before and they have always been a hit. And just so you know, these are also perfect for those White Elephant games. So go ahead; get this Bard of Soap made of cocoa butter for yourself or a loved one who will love this.

20. Books (duh)..

There are tons of book ideas to gift to poets and writers. Many I have suggested over the last few days in the Poetic Potpourri posts 🙂 and previously too. You can check out my BookShop list for poetry books here for my recommended books.

And this is just one suggestion: From Song of Myself (A Poem from The Poets’ Corner): The One-and-Only Poetry Book for the Whole Family 

While I have not yet really been able to listen to audio books, with the exception of Malcolm Gladwell’s The Outliers and Neil Gaiman’s The View From the Cheap Seats, this book’s audio version might be one I will get for myself. You can get a print version or listen to various actors (including Jodie Foster, Billy Connolly, Morgan Freeman, Helen Mirren, Lynn Redgrave, Gary Sinise, and Sam Waterston to name a few) as well as John Lithgow recite the poems and provide commentary.

21. Poetry Words Tote Bag

Just like mugs, I have realized one (well, I) can never have too many tote bags. Give me a tote bag and I will find something to fill it up; tbh, it is usually books! So what better way for a poet to announce themselves when they go out shopping? Well, there is the t-shirt, of course but this tote bag with all those words poets love will seal the deal, so to speak!

And it will be perfect to put any and all the other gifts you have thought of. Just the right gift bag!!

Related Reads (or More Bookish Gift Ideas!)

Today’s Books

The featured books today are poems and songs for little ones. While I recall seeing them a couple of years ago when I was gift hunting for friends, seeing them again while looking for books to read for this challenge made me smile.

My own kids are teenagers now so they are long past the age of reading these books; but I do have years’ long habit of waking each of them up with a personalized good morning and then wishing them a personalized good night as well (the same one each morn and night for well, a long while now). My older one who will be off to college this fall casually mentioned that he will actually miss those greetings when he is away; and that made me all teary-eyed..

And all of this means I simply had to check out these books to share with you for the letter ‘G’. Both books make great gifts as well. Now that I have little nephews and nieces again, I need to keep this in mind for them.

Good Morning, Sweetie Pie

Book Info

Title: Good Morning, Sweetie Pie and Other Poems for Little Children
Author: Cynthia Rylant
Illustrator: Jane Dyer
Length: 32 pages
Genre: Children’s Poetry (4 – 6 years)
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Children’s Publishing; 1st Edition (October 1, 2001)
Source: Library copy

Description: From waking up and eating breakfast to bath and bedtime, these eight tender and joyful poems celebrate the precious, everyday moments shared by parent and child.

My Thoughts

This book is beautiful, sweet, and full of all those memories families make each day; those little things like waking up, having breakfast, playing in the sandbox, right up to bedtime. The poems in this book take the readers on that daily journey with a lot of TLC, and portray all the liveliness and loving of a young one’s everyday effectively.

I truly enjoyed how easy it was to read each of them aloud; and to memorize if you wish. The accompanying illustrations are perfect for the sweet verses; adorable, cute, colorful, and reminded me of vintage postcards and greeting cards that I still enjoy buying to frame all around the house.

In Summary


Get It Here

Amazon  ||  Book Depository || IndieBound 

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Good Morning, Sweetie Pie

Goodnight Songs

Book Info

Title: Goodnight Songs
Author: Margaret Wise Brown
Illustrators: Various
Length: 28 pages
Genre: Children’s Activity Books (3 – 6 years)
Publisher: Sterling Children’s Books; Har/Com edition (March 4, 2014)
Source: Library copy

Description: From Margaret Wise Brown, author of the beloved Goodnight Moon, comes a previously unpublished collection of charming lullabies, gorgeously illustrated by 12 award-winning artists. An accompanying CD, with lilting songs beautifully composed and sung by Emily Gary and Tom Proutt, makes this the perfect gift to wish children a sweet goodnight.

My Thoughts

Amy Gary talks about discovering this set of unpublished works by Margaret Wise Brown in this video here. I can imagine the pleasure of discovering such a treasure. I know I am always thrilled even when I find a cool copy of even published books in used bookstores (like a recent Boyscout Handbook that cost 69 c when it was published and that I paid $1.29 for!! I found it during a recent trip thrifting with my teenager – for some reason, she wants to go “thrifting” every so often!)

Coming back to this book, the dozen songs/verses included are all beautifully lyrical. The accompanying artwork by a different artist for each selection is simply amazing. To repeat myself, these are frame-worthy prints – the poem + the art. And then there is the audio CD as well. I listened to just a couple of the songs but based on what I heard, they are all soothing melodies; lullabies perfect for being goodnight songs.

In Summary

A great addition to a little one’s library anywhere. And one that will be treasured for years to come.

Get It Here

Amazon  || Barnes and Noble || Book Depository || BookShop || IndieBound 

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goodnight songs

Additional Poetic ‘G’ Books

And Now, the End of This Post

Dear reader, as always, and always, I welcome your thoughts and suggestions, as well as recommendations. Have you read the featured books or any similar reads? Do you have any suggestions for great gifts for the poetry lover in our lives?

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17 thoughts on “21 Great Gifts For the Poetry Lover In Your Life

  1. Oh wow, I’m a poetry lover and loved this list a lot.
    Fountain pen, pencils, teacup, coffee mug, all are lovely picks. Thoughtful ones.
    And poet t-shirt, Maya Angelou’s “Still I rise scarf”, is something I wish I can get someday.

  2. i would be so happy if somebody could gift me something out of this list for poetry lovers! This is an absolute delight and any poet’s oasis stuff!

  3. What a great list, I love the tea cup with the tea bag holder! I’ll have to check out Good Morning, Sweetie Pie and Good Night Songs, both sound perfect for Lia!

  4. I loved browsing through your gift ideas, and it reminded me that have some of those magnetic poem tiles somewhere. I need to find them! I used to have them on my fridge, but then we moved and I got a new fridge that although it is supposedly stainless steel, magnets won’t stick to it!

    Also… I have one of those Hemingway pencil holders sitting on my desk! My son gave it to me for my birthday a couple years ago.

  5. Great lists! My friend who is a poetry lover will definitely happy receiving some of these items on her birthday. Thank you!

  6. Wow, there are some fabulous gift ideas in that list. I have to say, the one I am most intrigued with is the tea cup with the tea bag holder on the side. How practical and interesting that it isn’t more common. Makes you wonder if there’s a reason why?

    Returning your A to Z visit from AJ Blythe

  7. I like to read poetry and even to write poetry. Poetry is like painting with words. The gift selection that you suggested is spectaular. I am enamored with that fountain pen and will probably just go ahead and buy one for myself. I love writing with fountain pens because the words flow.

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