Friday Memes

Friday memes it is today for my challenges – the UBC and the Write 31 Days Challenge. As I work

For Book Beginnings and The Friday 56, from the book that inspires with oodles of humor, Scott Adam’s ‘How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big’

Book Beginnings


If you’re already as successful as you want to be, both personally and professionally, all you are likely to get from this book is a semientertaining tale about a guy who failed his way to success. But you might also notice some familiar patterns in my story that will give you confirmation (or confirmation bias) that your own success wasn’t entirely luck. That’s the sort of validation you can’t get from your family and friends who see you a hot mess.

As a bonus, from the beginning of chapter one as well (well, the bonus was actually what I included from the ‘Introduction above since I normally use the first chapter beginning for book beginnings

Chapter One – The Time I was Crazy

In the spring of 2005 my doctor diagnosed me with a form of mental illness. He didn’t use those exact words, or anything like them, but he did refer me to the in-house psychologist at Kaiser, my health-care organization. I can take a hint.

For Friday 56:

As we leave the house, Shelly suggests we take a shortcut I am not familiar with. I’m driving, and Shelly tells me that all I need to do is listen to her directions. No problem. At least I think it’s no problem until her cell phone rings just when I need to know which way to go.

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