Thursday Thoughts in Pictures

Doesn’t this look just beautiful?? Homemade apple chips! Was lucky to be able to take this photograph on my phone before all the chips disappeared. Three apples (one Gala, one Red Delicious, and one Granny Smith) sliced thin to make about three dozen chips; two hours crisping in a 250 degree Fahreneit oven; a little cinnamon sprinkled over the slices on one side (you can see it in the background on some of the slices) – and the apples were transformed into delicious chips. (And yes, remember to turn them over half-way through – at the one hour point – but do watch for crisping or burning which might depend on your oven and on how thin you sliced them)
We choose not to add any sugar and it worked perfectly fine, even for our sweet-toothed family!!
Fall – I do love it for its flavors!!! Tomorrow is going to another apple-chip-baking day – we have bushels of apples waiting to be used.

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