Moon Shining Down At Aligned Planets

 While we sat on the bleachers watching the high school football game and waiting for the half time show to start (the marching band that my son is a part of was to perform at half-time), the planets aligned colorfully and beautifully towards one side of the field (props for the half-time show where the band was performing their show based on Gustav Holst’s ‘The Planets’) and the moon shone down brightly on all of us 🙂 It was almost as if the floodlights were not needed at all!!

Signing in for my Saturday Snapshot with photos taken yesterday and for Six Word Saturday as well after a long break from these memes that I loved; as well as the UBC and the Write 31 Days Challenge

3 thoughts on “Moon Shining Down At Aligned Planets

  1. What beautiful photos and what a half time show that must have been! As soon as I read your son was in the marching band, it brought back memories, way back to over 50 years ago when I was in marching band. Funny how something in a blog brings back memories of similar things!

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