Horn OK Please – Bring Truck Art into Your Home!

 A fun paper addition to my golu this year – Horn OK Please – trucks Indian shtyle! Truck art in India is colorful, each unique in it’s own way, and an extension of their owners. I do not see as many decked-up trucks on the streets today in India (when I return there on vacation) as I used to as a child but we can relive those memories with these delightful paper trucks from SkyGoodies. I discovered this by accident while doing searches for golu decorations (golu – display of dolls which is popular in many parts of south India during the Navratri festival). I ordered the downloadable, printable template and used cardstock that I had at home (and in retrospect, maybe should have used a thicker cardstock) since I had limited time but I might order their physical papercraft kit for other items next time which includes the precut templates on A4 sheets with instructions.
Pros: Beautiful templates, wonderful variety that I would love to try out, and enjoyed the activity
Cons: A bit pricey

Trucks made using the printable templates from SkyGoodies – thanks to my DD

Our 2017 Golu – Display of Dolls on Steps

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