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Looking Back on Week One

While it is only one week into the new year, there are moments when last year seems so long ago. Looking back, I do feel good about all the things that I have done so far this year(I know, I know, it is only one week now) and hope to continue doing so..

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Healthy Eating – This is so on with the amazing bundle from Ultimate Bundles simply called the Healthy Meal Planning Bundle :). As I mentioned earlier, with its easy to use indices across categories, meal types, as well as the umpteen number of recipes (1072 in fact, not including desserts and beverages!), to have menus planned is easypeasy. Well, to be honest, so many choices means temptations to try them all out, but fear not, just pick one of the pre-fabricated 30+ menu plans to start with (just use a random number generator if you find choosing tough) and you are off to healthy start. But check it out soon as time is running out on this Healthy Meal Planning Bundle (tonight in fact)

Reading – Here is a quick recap of what I have read/been reading this past week. Reviews coming over the next week on my blog

This is for Day 6 of UBC and I will have my Day 7 post up as well.

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5

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