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On the First Day of the Decade, My …

self said to me,
“what are your plans, dear?
Any resolutions this year?
It’s a new decade, you see.
Time to wake up, to be
the best you can, to lose
those love-handles, to choose
to write the next great novel,
travel to palaces and hovels,
to live, laugh, love, treasure
to grow stronger under pressure..”
& I reply to my’self’, “this needs to end
I will wake up, I will mend
I will make that list you want
Go find someone else to haunt!”
-Vidya @LadyInReadWrites

It is the first day of the new year, the new decade actually, and I am at the end of this day wondering what I need to post. I hesitate, I procrastinate, I ponder, I pause, and finally decide to just write. And that poem(if you can call it that) is one of the results! Also in response to Robert Lee Brewer’s poetic asides prompt.

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I had no plans to make a list of resolutions but am now making one, just because the process of creating one itself is the first step towards betterment; so one step at a time.

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4 thoughts on “On the First Day of the Decade, My …

  1. What a lovely poem. Setting goals can be a great thing if you keep track of them. Most people make goals but do not follow through. If, you keep track you are more like to follow through with your goals.

  2. I love your poem. It’s great self talk. I’m not one for sitting down to make resolutions or goals. I wing it as I go along. Perhaps things would be easier if I do sit down and make them.


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