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A Resolution To Keep the Resolutions We Make

Making resolutions is easy, especially for someone like me who loves making lists of all sorts. It is just another cool list, and one I can get very creative with! So I enjoy the process obviously. But keeping them – well, that is another story completely (I could actually write a mega-novel).

So, the first resolution I am making this year is A Resolution To Keep the Resolutions We Make – a resolution to actually work on the resolutions I make. How can I do that?

  • Make doable resolutions with a bit of a challenge thrown in, just slightly out of reach, so I actually do them and get better in the process.
  • Don’t go overboard (or maybe it is OK, just go crazy since I mentioned I love list-making and love getting creative with this one; but make a note of which ones are ongoing ones so I can work on them overtime past this year or prioritize them so I have a list of ‘must-dos’ vs ‘ok-to-do-later-or-slowly’. This might be the straw that break’s the camel’s back, but I am hoping I can create a system that works for me!)
  • Share the list and the progress somewhere so you are accountable for them.

The actual list will come tomorrow! But until then, here is something else for today.

Today is National Science Fiction Day and Isaac Asimov would have been celebrating his 100th birthday today. He would have seen how much of what he envisioned in his ‘Visit to the World’s Fair of 2014‘ came true (and it is pretty cool that he wrote this in 1964!)

Today’s #photoaday on my Instagram feed.

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For a poem, I am sharing one I wrote in a much earlier post. No changes made but seems apt for Science Fiction Day.

Hello, From the Future..
Dear me, today I recalled a memory –
Feeling delightful, and fearful of a future unknown
I buried this time capsule for older-me
On a day that now seems long gone.
With my faithful pen, I sit down to write
As your(my?) grand kids play outside;
For now, I let the capsule be –
Be someone else’s discovery.
Dystopian it is not
nor a green paradise
nor is it a scene from the Jetsons yet
(The trip to Mars – yes, did succeed!
A story for another day, it is)
But know that we did right
Going green and all that
Certainly made our future bright;
Food forests are the theme of the day
and we still have flowers in May,
While CDs and desktops
Are a thing of the past,
The future, well,
I am having a blast!

Vidya @ LadyInReadWrites

#SciFiDay #Sci-fi #KennedySpaceCenter
@LadyInReadvt – Image taken by me during our visit to Kennedy Space Center a couple of years ago. #ScienceFictionDay

Some of my favorite sci-fi authors include Asimov, Jules Verne, Ray Bradbury, H.G.Wells among others. And there are more I know I need to read.

Dear reader, what about you? Any favorite #sci-fi picks? Books or authors? Or else, any resolutions planned for the year? Do let me know!

2 thoughts on “A Resolution To Keep the Resolutions We Make

  1. The trick is to post the resolutions in a variety of locations- and leave room for checkmarks indicating you made progress each day. (That also means developing a series of events or mileposts that indicate where you are on the journey to your goal.)

    1. Thanks Roy! Yes, I need to ensure I set up those milestones this time and mark them on my calendar (and my kids’ calendars maybe since they love to remind me of what I need to do!)

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