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So This is The End … of 2019

So this is the end of another year, and as the meme that has been shared many times most likely, the last ‘teen year (almost) all of us will see in our lifetimes! And what have we done?

If that reminds you of a song that has played too many times on the radio in the past few days, you are not wrong! It has been playing in constant repeat mode in my mind’s record player 🙂

Getting back to the post. Over the past few days, I have read articles all across the web and on print about the happenings – the good and bad – of this year, and also this decade. And it is hard to believe that so much happened just in this last ten years. Before that we were not hashtagging everything, or thinking of the food we eat or the places we visit or …. just about all that we do in insta mode or some such (like trying to swipe across the pages of an actual book!)

And it got me to thinking – what could I say for myself? What could each of us say for ourselves? But that reflection is for another post. For today, here is to looking forward, to a new year on the horizon (already there for many around the world), to a new decade, to new everyones!

I mentioned to a friend that I do not plan to make resolutions or goals or any such this year, just a couple of days ago, and here I am today thinking about making a list on this last day of the year! I have lots of lists to fall back on because they are either an ongoing, continuous process or half-or-so-complete – here, here, and here (more elsewhere but these are enough to start with, don’t you agree?)

Dear reader: What about you? Are you making any resolutions? For the year, the decade, more or less?

And last but not the least, from a previous post on my blog, my new year wish/poem for you:

The New Year
It is here…
A gorgeous, wonderful
hope-filled year..
A chance to spread
loads of cheer..
A chance to do
something outrageous
that makes you
jittery (not with fear!)
The New Year
It is here…
A chance for
chances to make mistakes
To learn, to go places
far and near…..
A chance to cheer
To wish loved ones
A Happy New Year!
– Vidya Tiru aka LadyInRead @LadyInReadWrites

#happynewyear another year @ladyinreadvt

1 thought on “So This is The End … of 2019

  1. Wow! I hadn’t thought of that – the end of the ‘teen’ years…
    I have a good feeling about 2020 – I love that it has a lot of two’s in it.
    Somehow I think I might still be lost somewhere in the past because I still haven’t figured out the hashtag thing – oh well – maybe this year I’ll get my head around it.
    And I gave up making New Year resolutions a long time ago. I ran out of room to store them, gathering dust in some forgotten corner of mind.
    I loved your post, Vidya.

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