A post to make up for the weekend….and Pongal

The flu that has been going around in our area has caught hold of us! And as I deal with a restless six-year old, a not-well dad(!) and myself, I noticed time does not just fly, it disappears… Now that it is Monday already, and I am feeling just a teeny bit better, I decided to have a catch up post for the weekend.
A snowflake for winter- decorated by my little one for her kindergarten class winter display of snowflakes.
This goes towards Saturday Snapshot She cannot resist putting hearts and flowers in everything.

For Six Word Saturday:

‘The flu – not nice to have’

For Quote It over at  Fredas

“Only this shows you how useless knowledge is unless you apply it.”
 Wells, H. G. (Herbert George) (2004-10-20). The First Men in the Moon (p. 20). Public Domain Books. Kindle Edition.
“Always forgive your enemies. Nothing annoys them so much.”
– Oscar Wilde
“They say that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. It’s a lie. The only thing that stays in Vegas is your money” –  Jerry Seinfeld

For Succinctly Yours:, image and word of the week along with my entry:

Word of the week: dream (138 characters)
I dream of a green world, she thought
Had ideas, would be sought
Be rich, give these old clothes away
Oblivious that plastic, at her feet lay
For Sunday Whirl,(wordle below), One Single Impression (theme is soul)), Sunday Scribblings (theme is tribe), and Magpie Tales: (image is below)

In the depths of the ocean
In the stillness of the blue
Lay a great king –well, his statue
His soul had been dormant
He had had eons to contemplate
To remember the spectacle he had made
The scene was so clear, so crisp
Like a reel from a new movie
Playing in his mind
He remembered kneeling
In broad daylight, in front of the maiden so vain
Then on the dotted lines, signing
Signing away his life, his all, over and again
Till he was reduced to stone
In the depths of the ocean
He made a resolution this day
And sent out a war-cry so loud
It could be heard on the ocean’s surface
To his vast tribe that lay
Spread across the ocean all around~ Vidya Tiru @LadyInReadWrites

This weekend has been a weekend of festivities for us – we celebrated Pongal – a harvest festival celebrated in my native state of Tamil Nadu in India. This is kind of a Thanksgiving to all responsible for the wonderful harvest, year after year, the Sun God (Surya), the Rain God(Indra), the cattle (who help the farmers). Giving thanks to all these is one major part of the festival; you can learn more about the festival here and here.
Today is Kaanum Pongal, where sisters pray for the welfare of their brothers. So, my little girl and I walked out in the cold (not freezing!), set out the rice offerings after praying to the Sun God – she for her brother and I for mine.

19 thoughts on “A post to make up for the weekend….and Pongal

  1. I like your "Think Green!" SY solution. But when it comes to your and your family's health report, I wish you guys were only having to think green rather than to have to be it. In other words, get well soon!

  2. Hi Lady in R. ~~ The flu is here also, Mrs. Jim had it, she was somewhat better, then today it all broke loose again.

    Like you I do both the Succinctly Yours but do them on separate blogs.

    I like your Green World µ-fiction story. I used to dream of the Green World and would write about the Green People. I doubt you lady would want to be Green, just rich and be able to dress like rich people do.

    It was a little hard for me to read your OSI on the soul with a proper interpretation. I was waiting to see what the dead man's sould might do but found out the dead man acted instead. Was he really dead?

  3. Your entire post is interesting, thank you. Your wordle piece is excellent, and I love the Magpie image that inspired it, too.

    May the flu disappear from your life as Pongal becomes a memory you cherish, sharing the harvest.

  4. @Jimtotally got me – I love to be green, and keep at my family for everything un-green they might do! that is more than enough for me..
    As far as the soul, I would have needed a few more lines to bring her a proper ending to this entry and felt it was already long – so kind of left it dangling there… maybe will try to continue with the next wordle and Magpie..

  5. I love the quotes and the snowflake on the brown background of your blog. Have you read "Grandmas Are Like Snowflakes"? No two are alike! Hope you feel better real soon. Take care.

  6. Back again ~~ One of is following the other! I just now saw your sign-in for Six Word Saturday.

    Yes, the flu is going round here too. Mrs. Jim has it. My grandmother died in 1917 or 1918 from the flu. Mom brought it home from school.

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