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From the Printed Page to the Screen

As I mentioned in my post for this year’s resolutions, I hope to return to a weekly schedule of posts: a variety of topics, but given who I am, the posts may very often be book-centric. Very likely indeed. And my Friday posts were to be fun posts as per the schedule. While I know that I am going to tweak this(the said schedule) every so often, today’s post is leaning towards fun, as in entertainment on the screen. Or more specifically, talking about moving

From the Printed Page to the Screen

Over the years,

I have watched many a movie or TV show/series based on books. More than half the times, I have usually read the book beforehand, and almost always found the screen version lacking. That is not to say that I did not enjoy watching it, but it most often fell short when compared to its original book version. At other times, I totally fell in love with what I watched and on researching it, realized there was a book behind it. I then simply had to read the book(for the movie Shawshank Redemption), or at least add it to my TBR (one example of this is True Grit). The previous statement makes me realize that I have indeed read Stephen King’s books!!

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What I love about screen adaptations

is that when they are good, and/or if they feature a great cast, they can inspire even reluctant readers to pick up the books they are based on. While my younger one is not a reluctant reader, she is not a voracious reader either and is highly selective. Asking her to read Little Women with me over a summer a couple of years ago took some coaxing, and we still never got to the end. But what I could not manage to do, one of the cast members of the latest Little Women adaptation managed easily! (my teens enjoyed this latest adaptation more than I did…). Plus, she also read the Jenny Han series because of the Netflix movie.

and they introduce us to books we would not have known about otherwise (like the previously mentioned books above) as well as Just Mercy (a movie my son and I watched last year, and I am looking forward to reading the book as the movie was powerful indeed)

Blogging about books vs their adaptations

is something that is totally fun to do! I have blogged about books vs movies for a whole A to Z blog series, and then selected my top ten favorites from those; then there was the post about 30 Great Children’s & Young Adult Books Made into Movies; followed by a more recent one about books I would love to watch on the screen. And there was an earlier list of top 10 adaptations which includes a range of books/adaptations from The Darling Buds of May and Where Eagles Dare to The Lord of the Rings (incidentally, that is our current family watching activity) and The Secret Garden.

More recently….

I binged on Netflix’s Bridgerton during the holidays (note it was released on Christmas day and I was done by the new year; so yes, binged!) And Julia Quinn’s Bridgerton series is one of my favorite romance series. While I have not reviewed romance novels on my blog often (TBH, have done so rarely), romance novels are my go-to between all other reads. And I considered doing a comparison between the two, but I agree with so much Kate over at BitchBookshelf has to say that I think you should read her post about the show and the book series!!!

bridgerton - from the printed page to the screen

And a few weeks before that, my son and I watched Pride and Prejudice , and we loved it. Well, I rewatched it!!

Then there are those I am looking forward to,

including ones I have not yet watched (and/or read), like the ones below released in 2020 (links are to the book):

Little Fires Everywhere

Need to read and then watch; yes, I know, I still need to read this one!!

 Book Depository || BookShop || IndieBound

The One and Only Ivan

The kids and I read it, but a while ago, so reread and watch

Book Depository || BookShop || IndieBound


Another one I need to reread and then watch

 Book Depository || BookShop || IndieBound

And then there are those I found are coming this year (or later):


This is based on a nonfiction I have now added to my TBR – Two Kisses for Maddie), sure to be a tearjerker based on the description – both book and movie.

 Book Depository || BookShop || IndieBound

The Last Letter from Your Lover

added this, because I did enjoy the previous Jojo Meyes book made into movie; and need to read this book still

Book Depository || BookShop || IndieBound

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From the Printed Page to the Screen

And Now, the End of this Post

Dear reader, what are your thoughts of books vs their screen adaptations in general? And for any specific ones? Any book discoveries because of what you watched (like me)? Or any recommendations of TV shows or movies based on books that you loved?

25 thoughts on “From the Printed Page to the Screen

  1. I am always a bit disappointed in watching a movie after reading the book as they never seem to produce what my imagination had conjured, and I also find myself waiting for scenes that never appear.

    1. you said it DJ!!! I recall not sleeping for days after reading the Exorcist (as an adult) but I had watched the movie (a censored version most probably) when I was younger with fewer(no) issues of sleeplessness 🙂
      And totally agree with waiting for those missing scenes I wanted

  2. I love reading and watching movies. For me, it depends on the order I watch them. I binged watched Normal People on Hulu and had to buy the book after. I like both even though they have their differences. This is a good list and I’ll definitely have to recheck them out.

  3. I do enjoy reading books before they are adapted for the screen, but honestly I just haven’t had time for reading lately. There are lots of well-done adaptations, like Harry Potter. I enjoyed Bridgerton, but haven’t read the books yet.

  4. I finished Bridgerton in a day. Didn’t realize it came from a book series at the time or else I would have read it first haha. But I may still go and read it! I loved the show!

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