Simply Sunday – Festivus, Anyone? and Memories

Today is Festivus! I dont recall how I landed onto this piece of information earlier today  but today happens to be Festivus – a day made famous by Seinfeld’s Frank Costanza. I recall that episode of Seinfeld – have indeed watched it many times over – Seinfeld being a favorite of my DH!
So in advance of the days to come, a Happy Festivus to all….and wonderful days ahead as well.

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For all these Sunday memes today, I have -‘Memories’

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We watch the
photos together
A rare
evening of comfort and quiet
Mingled with
Pages rustle,
the fireplace crackles bright
Spasms of
giggles overtake my little squirt
At this rapid
ride into the past
On Santa’s
lap – wearing older brother’s shirt,
Little too
spacious on her, in it she is lost.
The older
one, my little son
Recalls a
rare tantrum
When he, forever
the neutral one
Had hurled a
sticky dumdum
I clench
tighter on to this memory
That seemed
to want to burst through
And an
insistent me
I know, will
hold on tight, like super-glue
In days to
come, recall the comfort
Of this day
and imagine it true
The human
mind – an enigma of a sort
It can make a
presence of a memory too
Into a
wonderful present
To be
cherished, to be you.

32 thoughts on “Simply Sunday – Festivus, Anyone? and Memories

  1. Hi! Thank you so much for the visit to my blog. I loved this poem–took me back to sitting with my kids and going through photo albums, sweet times indeed and we do want to hold them tight 🙂 Perfect holiday poem! Happy Holidays!!

  2. smiles…yes…the human mind is awesome and surely can make a presence of a memory..bring back these moments, filled with wonder…happy holiday to you..and here's to many more lovely memories..smiles

  3. It's heavenly when one is able to spend quality time with the kids. There's no alternative to good counsel from parents. Merry Christmas and Happy hols to you and family!


  4. I personally think, it isn't ever truly about what gifts we've been given but, the happiness we've felt in the sharing of live and joy of being together. It's always the love and fun, the smiles, they are the true gifts we remember, always. These are special. Loved the T shirt being way too big but, happily worn anyway.

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