Super Saturday – Sweet San Francisco

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A rainbow captured yesterday as I drove to my kids’ school for helping with their holiday parties. I love rainbows and I was glad I had to stop to make a U-turn which enabled me to take this photo.
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If the quote above is not clear, then here it is for you:
May God give you…For every storm a rainbow, for every tear a smile, for every care a promise and a blessing in each trial. For every problem life sends, a faithful friend to share, for every sigh a sweet song and an answer for each prayer.
–    Irish Blessing

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Holiday parties, rainbows – they were part of this week as you can see from what I wrote earlier in the post. A wonderful time with family rounded up the evening for us. Today, we drove out to the city by the bay – San Francisco – to see a production of Nutcracker Sweets. This was our first Nutcracker show on stage and we thoroughly enjoyed it. 
Mark Foehringer’s ‘Nutcracker Sweets’ is perfect for children of all ages and especially for younger kids. With a production time of 50 minutes, this works great for the squirmy ones though the show will capture their interest so much that they will not be squirming. 
The show was at the intimate Southside Theater in Historic Fort Mason Center – our very first visit to the Fort Mason Center! We loved the theater too. Before the show started, parents were told that the actors would use the left aisle as well as the space before the front row to get to the stage throughout the show. We (the parents) were also told, “Absolutely no shushing the kids allowed!!” – that brought smiles to both kids and parents. 
The show started off with the string quartet from the live orchestra playing lively holiday tunes which gave us a preview of the wonderful music to come as part of the show. 
The size of the theater meant that we could watch every expression on the dancers’ faces and  this was a treat in itself as their expressions were a big part of this show. We were in the second row and towards the left aisle which meant we watched the dancers flit past us to the stage and got really close up views of the great sets and the dancers. The occasional goofiness of the dancers as part of the dance brought giggles and laughs from all in the audience and every other emotion – fear, love, sadness, happiness was also expressed wonderfully.  I loved how the cloak of Dresselmeyer was used during the show to bring an element of magic.
The music – which is re-orchestrated from the original Tchaikovsky score – is presented by a live orchestra – and as mentioned earlier, a really talented one too. Having live music definitely adds to the beauty of this show. 
With a small cast of talented, expressive dancers in bright and beautiful costumes, sets that are colorful, live music that is awesome, and with a showtime of 50 minutes with no intermission,this was something all of us loved. 
After the show, the kids were thrilled that they could meet the cast and take photos with them. My little girl loved the Sugar Plum Fairy! and my son enjoyed the music and was impressed with the trumpet player so much that we requested if we could speak to him. He obliged and the two had an enjoyable chat. My son remarked that he has seen a movie version of the Nutcracker before and he loved this live show way better.
All in all, a sweet Saturday in San Francisco for us! We will definitely be visiting Fort Mason again..

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