Simply Sunday – Simply Memes and Challenges post..

Grandma’s Goulash – amphibian
A search for a lost pet, a
frog maybe
Or morning yoga practice, the
start of the amphibian yoga pose?
(aka mandukasana)
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For Sunday Whirl(Wood birds dry phantom although walls
rocky never new hollow brook leaping), Sunday
(mud), One
Single Impression
(struggle) and Magpie Tales
This was a peaceful wooded
area once
Right in the vale yonder
Where birds chirped in the
blue skies
And leaping gazelles were
Where struggle was a word unknown
A brook gurgled through a
secret hollow
between once rocky walls that
have since softened to mud
Never would the brook and the
birds have imagined
That this bountiful home of
theirs will soon be
Just a phantom of what was
before – dry and hot,
Like it never existed before,
although still never new
A thanks to our Veterans:
The Inquisitive Mind of a Child
“Why are they selling poppies, Mummy? Selling poppies in town today. The
poppies, child, are flowers of love. For the men who marched away.
But why have they chosen a poppy, Mummy? Why not a beautiful rose? Because my
child, men fought and died in the fields where the poppies grow.

But why are the poppies so red, Mummy? Why are the poppies so red? Red is the
colour of
blood, my child. The blood that our
soldiers shed.
The heart of the poppy is black, Mummy. Why does it have to be black? Black, my
child, is the symbol of grief. For the men who never came back.

But why, Mummy are you crying so? Your tears are giving you pain. My tears are
my fears for you my child. For the world is forgetting again.”

-Author John F.Willcocks
Reading this poem earlier on Facebook posted by a friend, I was reminded of a poem in Hindi written by Makhanlal Chaturvedi, an Indian poet who was also active in the India’s struggle for independence. The poem titled ‘Pushp ki abhilasha’ meaning ‘The Flower’s Desire’ along with it’s English translation is below:
Chah Nahin Mai SurBala Ke Gehnon Mein
Guntha Jaaon.
Chah Nahin Premi Mala Mein Bindh, Pyari Ko Lalchaon.
Chah Nahin Samraton Ke Shav Par, He Hari Dala Jaaon.
Chah Nahin Devon Ke Sar Par Chadhon, Bhagya Par Itraoon.

Mujhey Tod Lena Banmali, Us Path Par Tum Dena Phaink,
Matra Bhoomi Per Sheesh Chadhaney, Jis Path Jaayen Veer Anek.

Desireth not to be on the young lass’ Tresses…living twice all over,
Desireth not to be in a garland Binding, enticing young lovers,

Desireth not to rest on the mortals Of Emperors – aren’t we equally God’s own?
Desireth not to be on the heads of Gods To take pride in mere fortune,

Pick me out, O Gardener! Strew me on the path that the Brave tread
To sacrifice for Motherland! Let me, in obeisance, bow my head!

26 thoughts on “Simply Sunday – Simply Memes and Challenges post..

  1. I came for the Grandma's Goulash, Lady R, you did really good. I would not have thought of looking for these things. Clearly though, he is looking for something.

    That is a nice poem that you found for Veteran's day. Mrs. Jim and I both wore poppies this year. Not many did around here (Texas) although nearly everyone in London (UK) seemed to be wearing them.

    I have mixed feelings about my five years in the Army. I had no choice to go or not, I was drafted for the first two. It was five years of my life that I could have been doing more enjoyable and profitable activities but then I didn't get shot at or anything like that. I did know how to shoot my rifle and how to repair and maintain, and operate against airplanes if that had been required, the NIKE Missle system.

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