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Sunday Scribblings #4: Raindrops and Roses, …Nope, Snowflakes on Noses…

Sunday turned into Tuesday, well … as I let Sunday and Monday go by and waved hello to Tuesday. With that, the weather turned colder too…

Raindrops turned into flurries of snow for us here in the San Francisco Bay Area, for the first time in many, many years. It is like recounting a fairy tale – Once upon a time, or …. Long, long ago…. 🙂 And as I scoured the news, turns out that February 5th is a day when the snow favors our area… isn’t that just cool (pun intended)?!!

While I could not really get good shots of snow sprinkled mountains around my house, here is the one I could take..And you can look at cooler photos online..

But here is my post where I catch up and move forward. With the UBC challenge behind me in January, I have somehow let the days go by and now getting back is what I plan to do this week. With hopes of having at least 2-3 posts ready to schedule by the end of the week and a birthday coming up as well (my dd’s!), this week is going to keep me busy but happy.

Last Week:

Do you need ideas for Valentine Reads to gift to young ones of all ages on International Book Giving Day? Then this is the post for you.


Next Week/Current Reads:

  • In Paris With You – review week of 2/4 (as I am halfway done)
  • Bird by Bird: Anne Lamott (reading and review week of 2/4 1/28)
  • There are more in the current reading list 

Perpetual (for 2019):

Continental Reading Challenge 2019 – Read more about this super easy reading challenge (as far as number of books are concerned!) here and sign up to join! Book recommendations provided here. My Book Map is being updated and I will post it soon will be up before the end of this month.

Healthy Meal Planning Bundle 2019 – Make your way to healthier eating and a better you this year so much more easier and smoother with the help of this wonderful resource put together by those amazing folks at Ultimate Bundles.


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