Yummy Tummy Tuesdays – A glimpse into travel taste buds



Well, now that you have drooled over the screen (or not), these are just some of the foods we ate during our recent trip to India (the rest disappeared even before I could think of taking a photograph!).
The first seven photos are all delicacies we sampled at the famous Bhagatram on Commercial Street in Bangalore. Bhagatram opened its doors in 1948 with a menu of three items – the samosa, the gulabjamun, and the jalebi – they are still among the best selling items on the menu today. The name itself evokes images of this trio in most localites’ minds. Now serving a menu of various chaats and sweets in addition to other items, Bhagatram has evolved and yet, stayed the same in some ways. The photos you see here from our Bhagatram sampler are the jalebi, rava ladoo, boondi, the samosa, kachori, dahi papdi chaat, and the gulabjamun!
The next three photos were taken at the Kamat Lokaruchi on our trip to Jaanapada Loka – a memorable trip whose details will come soon here. The akki rotti was simply wonderful and my son who loves this dish wanted to make another trip all the way to Ramanagara just to sample this. We watched the jalebi being made and that was a treat in itself.
Last, but not the least, a spoonful of delish made with love. Can you guess what this is?

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