Book Review: A Walk in the Woods (Guest Post)

Considering a walk in the woods is in my immediate future, this post seems very timely. But is just a coincidence that my son just finished the book that has been on my TBR for a looong while now. And he offered (wonder of wonders!) to review it for me! So here you go – my son’s review of Bill Bryson’s ‘A Walk in the Woods’.

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A Walk in the Woods

A Walk in the Woods by Bill Bryson

Reviewed by my son. All thoughts are his own, each and every one. As for me, hiking is always a wonderful activity 🙂

My son’s thoughts:

Contrary to a typical walk in the woods, this book happens to be an extremely fun ride. Hiking, a rather mundane past-time, is described in such vivid detail here, is made out to be so alluring, that if I had just read the book and was immediately asked to go hiking after, I would not object.

The book centers around the narrator/author, Bill Bryson, and his trek through the notorious Appalachian trail. With him, he brings humorously unfit friend, Katz, and the adventure that unfurls is as humorous as it is exciting.

As they traverse the AT, Bryson also finds time to interweave bits of history and science. In fact, this constant shifting; between their amusing misadventures; between the morsels of knowledge; between the occasional description of some fantastical view in the ever expansive Appalachian trail; all of it reads almost exactly like a hike one would take at a local trail.

Each page an additional step along the path, each bit of history a billboard found along the trail, each description a view one can only imagine. Peripatetic or not, ‘A Walk in the Woods’ is a must read for everyone.

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And so my bookish summer continues…..

This was for Day 6 of my bookish summer.. as I take a blogging journey along with fellow  UBCers and other blogger friends all around the world. Once again, thank you for your support always!

Note: As I mentioned at the beginning of my post, there will be a lot of walking in the woods for me over the next week. I am tagging along as a chaperone with my son’s Scout troop on their summer camping trip. So I hope that I have some posts scheduled (which will post successfully) and will try my best to add the posts to Facebook and comment/interact with all of you over the week, time and phone signal/wifi connections permitting! As my phone is all I will have with me..

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20 thoughts on “Book Review: A Walk in the Woods (Guest Post)

  1. I remember watching the movie of these two characters. I am imagining there is more in the book than gets put into a two-hour movie. There usually is.

  2. Great review! I haven’t heard of this book before, but I’m curious. I kind of agree with your son, hiking is definitely not my favorite activity. I’ll be checking this book out in the future, thanks for highlighting it!

  3. I have heard so much about this book over the years! I will have to check this out some time. We do like exploring the great outdoors and it would be a fun read.

  4. I love connecting books with real-life experiences! That is so great that you two will get to go hiking together and look back at what he read.

  5. This is very timely. My reading list is low and I am on a look out for a new book to read. This book seems interesting. Kudos to your son for this wonderful review.

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