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Characters I’d Love An Update On

Many books leave us with unanswered questions, either the story itself or about one or more characters in the book. We wonder what happened to the characters after ‘The End,’ because their lives most often continued beyond the final events in the book. I love when it is a book based on real events or about real people because I can look it up (in most cases) and get that information. But for fiction, I can only hope that the author (or someone with the author’s voice) writes another book that can answer those questions about the story and those characters I’d love an update on!

When I know that a sequel or related book (spin-off, so to say, about specific characters) is on the way, I find it hard to wait to know what happens next; especially for the books that wow me. Either way (another book or not), my imagination takes over and I spin stories of what might have been, just for a bit. What about you? Have you written fan-fiction?

So, for this week’s theme over at ThatArtsyReaderGirl, here is my list of

Characters I’d Love An Update On

Richard Parker in Life of Pi

I always wondered about the hows, whys, and wheres regarding Richard Parker throughout the story; and of course, even more so at the end. I still am wondering, and when I asked my son to name characters he would like to get an update on, he first picked Richard Parker.

Coraline, her parents, and the other residents of her building from Coraline

What does Coraline do when she grows up? What happens to her quirky neighbors? The building itself?

Hugo and all those who were part of his life from The Invention of Hugo Cabret

I think there are some hints about what happens to these characters but I want to know more than those hints give the readers.

George (and the others too) from The Famous Five series

I grew up on a steady diet of Blytons among other books, and I loved The Famous Five series. I always admired George, while Anne sometimes annoyed me. And Kirrin Island, how I always wanted to visit it!! I wonder what each of them grew up to be, and if George still had Kirrin Island later.

Nancy Drew and her crew from the Nancy Drew mystery series

While I have not watched the CW series where Nancy Drew is apparently all grown up, I do wonder what the original writers had in plan for the crew (if they had decided to write more about Nancy Drew)

So many of the characters of The Night Circus

I know I want to know more about so many of the characters in The Night Circus. From Erin Morgenstern’s blog: “Possibly bad news first: no sequel. It was never written to be a series, I don’t want to try to make it something that it’s not, so there will be no book two or anything like that. Possibly good news second: I would like to write more stuff about the circus in the future, likely in short pieces of backstory or sidestory or futurestory. No idea when I’d get to that, though.”

So one can hope.

The main characters in both the timelines in The Book of Lost Friends

I definitely want to know more than the book offered about all the characters here, at least some more about Benny and Hannie. And if possible, peeks into lives of some of those lost friends – did they end up finding each other in the end?

The characters other than the main protagonists who appear in The Book of Lost Names

All those names recorded in the book: what happened to them? And the many who helped them along the way: what of them?

Pong and so many others from A Wish in the Dark

Christina Soontornvat’s A Wish in the Dark was one of my favorite reads of last year. And now I want to know more about the lives of Pong, of Nok and Somkit, and of those numerous others who came in their lives.

So Many Other Characters From So Many Other Books

What about the classics? Or so many other books that I want to add here but refrain from doing so to keep this post short.

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And Now, the End of This Post

Dear reader, have you read any of the books on my list? Which characters will show up on a similar list for you?

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  1. Ooh, good for Erin Morgenstern; I hope that comes to pass. I tend to crave pieces of fiction set in the same universe even more than proper sequels — possibly because they’re much rarer, but also because I like having content withot the need to upset happy/settled endings for characters I love to introduce plot-worthy Conflict.

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